Install gOS with Windows XP on Your Computer

A walk-through to show how to install gOS with windows XP on your computer. Step 1:First download the gOS image from this page and burn it onto a cd Step 2:You require a minimum of 2 partitions one for XP and the other for gOS do not create a partition for gOS now leave the […]

Useful shortcuts for N73 and other nokia mobiles

These shortcuts will work on most of the Nokia phones (especially for N series). Generic Shortcuts 1. To get the Task Manager To close a running application you can press and hold the Menu button until all the running task can be seen. Then to close an application highlight it and then press the key […]

How to Remove Brontok Virus Manually (Windows)

remove brontok virus manually

If you have faced the irritating effects of Brontok, you definitely know what is it and how powerful it is. Just to update your info about this virus, and its capabilities, here is a brief introduction. What is Brontok Virus? Brontok Virus was made in Indonesia, and the it was named after a bird called […]

TeaShark Mobile Web Browser

Teashark browser

TeaShark is a java browser 145K in size. It runs on almost all Java enabled phones. Good mobile browser but still in beta. I have installed it on my N95. Very good browsing speed. You can also rotate screen to landscape. You can download it from Teashark is a mobile web browser for Java […]

How To Convert .exe files to .jpg

converting exe to jpg

Just follow these simple steps to Convert .exe files to .jpg. Firstly, create a new folder and make sure that the options ‘show hidden files’ is checked and ‘hide extensions for known file types’ is unchecked in folder options. Basically what you need is to see hidden files and the extension of all files on […]

Batch Programming Basics

batch programming basics

This tutorial explains you what batch file programming is and how to create batch files. Lets not waste time anymore, and start learning. The Basics of Batch Programming: Batch file programming is nothing but a batch of DOS ( Disk Operating System ) commands, hence the name Batch. If you code a lot and know […]