GeniusHackers Contest:Your chance to win 25$

Updates: This contest is closed   Name Number of Original posts Number of copy paste posts Total points Bobby 4 1 18 Shantanu 1 1 6 kartik sukumaran 0 0 0 To participate in this contest you have to register in this site and drop in your name in the comments here. The rules of […]

How Do I Find The IP Address From An Email ID

How Do I Find The IP Address From An Email ID

Emails are very important part of our communication system. We think that we know everything about emails. We know how to compose email, how to attach a file, how to send it to others, How to receive emails from others and many other things. This is all we know about emails. But this is not […]

Nokia Secret Codes/Hacks

nokia secret codes hacks

These codes for the Nokia phones. We have provided some interesting information for users. Using these Nokia secret codes/hacks they can also unlock some hidden functions. These codes are often refered to as “Nokia Secret Codes” or “Nokia Hacks”. Warning: Use the codes at your own risk, not all Nokia phones support all codes. These […]

Shutdown Your Friend’s Computer Using A Batch File

shutdown friends pc batch file

Who doesn’t want to play crazy pranks and freak out their pals? So, one trick for your pleasure. Use this to shutdown your friend’s computer remotely – without him/her knowing. You just need to create simple batch (.bat) file. What Are Batch Files: Batch files are files that allow MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows users to […]

9 Steps To Help In Keeping Your Organization Secure

steps to keep your organization secure

If the computer you use to run your online business is the same one your children use for homework and general surfing, this is potentially a very precarious circumstances. Learn how to keep your organization secure. The following are a few Anti-Hacking tips that will help in keeping your organization secure. Install Anti-Virus software and […]

Free Download 7-Zip File Archiver With High Compression Ratio

7-zip download

7-Zip is a rock-solid for Windows file archival with a high-compression ratio. It is the premier archival for the LZMA compression format (a.k.a. 7z). Indeed, the 7-zip web site is also the home of the LZMA SDK (Software Development Kit ). Compared to WinRAR 3.50, CAB ARC 5.1, win zip 10.0 beta (maximum-PP Md), win […]