How to Root LG G3

LG G3 is the latest flagship device from LG with a lots of improvement in Hardware as well as software. The device sports one of the high resolutions screens out there with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels on a 5.5″ screen. Apart from the display the device runs on a Snapdragon 801 Krait […]

How to Record and Send GIFS on Android

How to Record and Send GIFS

GIFs are insanely popular over the Google+ and you may also notice that most of the trending posts in the Google+ are GIF posts as they have high chances to go viral when compared to photos and videos. GIFs are less in size when compared to videos. Now a days people are very much interested in […]

How to Root Nvidia Shield Tablet

Root Nvidia Shiled Tablet

The mobile market is filled with lots of Android smartphones and Tablets as you can see that now a days every game which is developed will have applications which will run on Android and iOS device too which shows that there are people who use their devices a lot to play games. You can’t play […]

The Latest Trend In Asia: Live Bunnies As Smartphone Case

The selfie trend picked up very quickly and in no time, people from all over the world were posting their selfies all over the internet. The selfie trend is now slowly fading away but it looks lie we have a new trend picking up. This trend finds it origins somewhere in Asia and to be […]

4 Common Galaxy S5 Problems And Their Solutions

The current Samsung flagship smartphone, Galaxy S5 has been doing good business for the Korean smartphone-manufacturing giant and has sold more units than any other Samsung S Series so far. This makes it a very popular phone but like we know, with great numbers comes great number of problems. Users all over the world face […]

How to get Android L on any Android Device

Get Android L on any Android Device

Android 5.0 Lollipop is officially announced recently and Google has released the images which can be flashed on Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 models. Google didn’t release the source code yet so that the Preview version can be ported by the developers for various devices. Once developers get their hands on the source code of […]