Pebble Watch Comes With Several Language Notifications

Smart watch is soon catching up on the popularity amongst the masses. Yes, not everybody can afford a smart watch, but its sales has surely increased a lot in the last couple of years. A few years back, smart watches were not that smart looking either, and that is the reason people didn’t show any interest in investing a huge amount in such an ugly looking thing. But, now as the days are passing by, things are getting much more simplified and the look says it all now. You cannot take your eyes off a smart watch now because just by the look of it, they have become so attractive and now if you look at the specifications and features, then you will feel that the smart watch is worth every penny that you are investing.

Pebble Watch Comes With Several Language Notifications

So, in the race of the smart watch Pebble is also there with its range of smart watches and the best part is that, it is counted as one of the best smart watches to get along with Android smartphones or iPhones. Pebbles, has always maintained a standard, but now they have pushed the envelope even further by coming up with the latest version of firmware that is the 2.8 firmware.

Another good news

The good news doesn’t end with the latest version. The Pebble now supports almost as many as 80 languages along with notification support for every kind of apps. This has been made possible by the people who have been working day in and day out in there. It is due to the brains that went behind the latest version, users will be enjoying the services in the language they prefer. It includes almost all the languages of every nook and corner. When you open the list, you will be amazed to see that there are some languages, which you have never heard of. It also comes with the images of the notifications in different languages and it is really a nice one to go through because you get to know so many new things and also know that these languages does exist in the world.

Pebble and its releases

If you are not sure about how the language will come across, then you can go to the Pebble site and see for yourself how the notifications appear in different languages. This Android app has been the work of many months and due to this very reason pebble can now boast of increased stability, improved notification, enhanced performance and a solid platform with great new features. It is not the end of the road, instead there is a long roadmap already planned for the users. This is one improvement that has been well appreciated by all and that is the reason, people are waiting for more to follow. By updating this notification support, Pebble has set a bar for the smart watch, which will be followed by others soon.

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