(How To) Play Multiplayer Games via LAN and WLAN

(How To) Play Multiplayer Games via LAN and WLAN

Play multiplayer games on LAN & WAN

Hey guys the time has come up where now you can play games with LAN and WLAN. How to play??. Now if you are new to this articles and you do not have any knowledge about connections refer these two tutorials.

The above two articles will explain you well the interconnections of LAN and WLAN. Now assuming that you have learned connections it’s the time to play counter strike amongst your group. You are 6 fighters and you have decided to play on LAN. What will you do ?? I personally recommend you to play on Wi-fi , reason being you will not need any kind of switches and hubs. You will just have to create a server and other members have to join it. But now you have decided to play using LAN, ill explain you how to do it.  In my article Networking basics | Router and Switches, i explained you the story of switches and routers. Here you will require a switch of minimum of  6 ports.

All you have to do is plug in all the cables of each computer in respective ports of the switch. Assign the IP address to each computer and create a server thats it. I have explained in detail assigning of IP addresses in my first two articles.

Below is a snap of gaming party in US. You can see there thousands of computers are interconnected. I can’t just imagine that there can be so many gaming freaks.

Huge gaming party in US
Huge gaming party in US

Playing Games on Internet

What you can do with your games depends on what the game will support. Some support online gaming which would use the Internet. The satisfaction you can get from this can depend on your Internet connection. How fast you are able make decisions for your player can depend on the speed of your Internet connection. You may get shot a lot if you can not move or shoot fast enough for your player. As far as i know counter strike has a very nice backend as far as online gaming is concerned. And one more thing i would like to mention is, the best team i have come across till now is the IIT team. So satish we will meet again he he!!


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  1. I am planning to make a little lan party with some friends (10-15) and I’ve got a wireless router. Will we be able to play smoothly via WLAN or we may have lag issues?
    What would be the maximum supported by the router?
    I’m not talking about accessing the internet,just being able to play the game in the same place using the WLAN.

  2. Now a day even playing games makes interesting and can be play the same games in different computer with the opponents as our friends by connecting LAN or WLAN. Unfortunately I have no idea how to connect LAN. What I was thinking is connect the LAN wire from one system to another and put the IP addresses will that work out? If not will you please help me out in doing this connection.

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