When I was a kid, the only gaming equipment I had was my NES on which I used to play Street Fighter and Contra. When I was playing on my NES, there were several thousand kids around the world who were playing Capcom games on CPS2 arcade board. Ah! Good old days.

Now however, almost every gamer has a PlayStation or Xbox, and those who don’t enjoy games on their Android/iOS phones.  Well, if you’re interested in playing retro games like Street Fighter, Megaman & Cadillacs and Dinosaurs on your Android Device then there is an app at Android Market that has been designed just for you and it is called CSPEmu.

CPSEmu enables you to play CPS2 games on your Android device without any problem; it has been developed by the same team which released NeoDroid for Adndroid last week. CPSEmu uses full touchscreen controls which might not be comfortable for guys who are accustomed to playing games on consoles but like NeoDroid games it is optimized for Xperia Play.

Also, you can easily play games on your tablet computer because this app runs perfectly in Honeycomb. So, bigger screen better gaming experience.

But before you spend money on buying this app for your Android phone, remember that this app requires your phone to have at least 1 GHz processor. Also, you can’t directly emulate ROMS in CPSEmu, full instructions on running this app is provided at XDA website, where you can also find a free version of this app. Though, if you want to support the developer and show him some love for this fantastic app, you can buy it from Android Market for $3.99/-

So, what do you have to say about CPSEmu for Android Smartphones and Tablets? If you’re not using it. Use it now! Relive your childhood with these evergreen games.

One thought on “Play Retro Games like Street Fighter & Megaman on Android Phones with CPSEmu

  • September 21, 2014 at 12:33 am

    My CPS2 game is not running properly. Its cache are created but it’s not running. It says
    Please help me.


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