pokemon mario coming to iphone

Each and every one of us grew up playing Mario games but there are other Nintendo games as well that you might have heard of. Have you ever played a Nintendo game like Pokemon? Or Zelda? Or any Nintendo game whatsoever? That won’t be any problem if the news of Nintendo games coming to iPhone is true.

If you own an iPhone and you ever tried playing Nintendo games by using the GameBoy emulator on your device then you would have first jailbroken your device and then download the emulator. It’s not officially available in the App store and the only way to play Nintendo games like Mario on your smartphone is by jailbreaking and downloading Gameboy emulator on your iOS device.

It has been some years since the rumors began of Nintendo starting to develop games for smartphones but none of them ever came true but in a surprising move, Nintendo has filed a patent for ‘Hand-held Video Game Platform Emulation’ in the US with United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

pokemon mario coming to iphone

What Does the Patent States?

The patent filed by Nintendo states the details about the company’s plans on providing a chance to all its consumers to play all the old Gameboy games on their mobiles and tablets.

Not only will you be able to play Nintendo games on your iPhone but you will even get a chance to play the games on the back-seat displays on trains and airplanes. Now if Nintendo goes ahead and make it happen in a short time then that would be one of the best things of 2015.

The main aim and focus of the patent is to provide emulation of Nintendo gaming platforms like the Gameboy Advance on various modern devices like iPhones and iPads. You can even expect some high quality graphics from the games and awesome sound quality.

What Does This Mean for Nintendo Fans?

This means just one thing – we are going to see classic Nintendo games like Zelda, Mario and Pokemon soon appearing in the App store for downloads. And they will be official games without any limitations and glitches and with proper support.

As I already said, that users who wanted to play the games on their iPhones had to jailbreak their device to download Gameboy emulator. But now with this news, I am pretty sure that you can wait for some time more and download the official version of the games from App Store and that too in a legal and clean fashion.

nintendo games iphone launch

Apart from Pokemon and Zelda, you can expect lots of games from Nintendo like Super Mario Brothers as well as they have a huge catalogue of games in their kitty that they can roll out for download.

Now when you think of it this way, the games were made for handheld devices and consoles so porting it to mobiles would create many technical limitations. But since Nintendo is committed to preserving the essence of the games as we know it and grew up playing, we need not worry at all.

What Do You Think of Nintendo Games Coming to iPhone?

Personally I think that it’s a great move by Nintendo to provide its consumers with official games at reasonable prices rather than letting them use emulators by jailbreaking their devices. They can offer these games as paid versions or allow them to be downloaded for free, it’s up to them. But there’s one thing for sure and that is Nintendo lovers are not going to miss this opportunity.

So let’s hear out your views on Nintendo filing a patent for bringing Nintendo games to iPhone. Which game would you download first? Pokemon? Zelda? Or the all time favorite, Mario?

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