A Plugin to publish the posts in wordpress blog as an e-Book

Personal Profile

Full name: Satish Gandham
Email: g.satish@iitg.ernet.in
Gtalk ID: satish.iitg@gmail.com

Project idea information

Project Title: Develop a plugin for wordpress which enables the blogger to publish his blog posts in the form of an e-Book.

Project Description
The main functions of the plugin are as follows

  • User should be able to upload an image to have his custom first page.
  • The PDF should have an index page and an easy navigation.
  • User should have an option to select the posts which he want to publish in the e-Book
  • In case if there are multiple authors on a blog, user should have an option to publish the posts of each author separately.
  • Each author should be able to choose if his posts can be published as PDF or not.
  • A link to save the post as pdf and number of times the post had been downloaded will be given after each post.
  • Option to publish posts from each category as a PDF.
  • The plugin should be able to support the html tags.
  • Track the number of downloads.
  • Add a sidebar widget showing link to the PDF and download stats.

Why would someone want to publish an e-Book?

  • This would help the readers of a blog to read the posts offline, this method is better than downloading the entire site for offline browsing.
  • There are lots of people who don’t blog for money, so this plugin would help them get close to their readers.
  • Even for those who blog for money, they can monetize the e-Book with yahoo ads for PDF, and I’m sure that Google will also come up with something to monetize PDF’S.

Road Map

  • I will start by downloading the wordpress source code.
  • Understand how the database is designed.
  • Study the built in functions in wordpress that would be helpful for this plugin.
  • Study the functions available in PHP to create a PDF.
  • Discuss with the mentor thoroughly about how to implement this plugin, prepare a solid blueprint of the plugin. (I will keep discussing about this right from the start of the project, but I would like to have a solid blueprint by 5th June)
  • The coding of the core parts of the plugin will be completed by June 25th.
  • After finishing the coding of core parts, I will work on designing the interface.
  • The plugin will be very user friendly, usage of the plugin will be as simple as wordpress installation. The interface design will be finished by July 10th.
  • Finally I will make a thorough check of the plugin to fix any bugs present.
  • Review the documentation of the plugin and release the plugin on 20th July


I can devote complete 3 months to this project. I can work 6 to 10 hours/day (42 to 70 hours/week) depending on the work load. I do not have any other obligations this summer.

Open Source Development Experience

I haven’t really worked on any open source project till now. I wrote a small tutorial on adding Google Adsense ads to wordpress theme on my blog, here is the link of it

Work/Internship Experience

I have been using wordpress for more than a year now; I have good Understanding of the wordpress themes. I developed a shout box, a small ip tracking site using PHP and SQL. I also worked on developing an Online Stock Market game for our college tech fest; though this project was not completed in time it gave me a good exposure to PHP and SQL.
Ip-Tracking Site: http://www.iptracking.geniushackers.com/

Academic Experience

I am a third year undergraduate student from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, One of the best institutes for science and technology in the country and world. I was among the top 1% of the students who appeared for the entrance test to this institute. I did a C-Programming course and Numerical Methods and Computational Physics course where solutions to problems are obtained using approximations and C-Programming.
Apart from these I learned PHP, SQL and HTML form the internet and e books.

Why WordPress

WordPress is my favorite software, I strongly believe that the quote “Code is poetry“ Is very apt for them. I want to contribute something to the open source and my favorite software.

Why Me

I’m fascinated by the way the World Wide Web works; I have deep passion for building my own websites and web applications. Though I’m not from computer science department my strong passion for coding and developing web applications motivated me to learn PHP, SQL and html myself. I got the idea of this plugin when I happened to read an article on how an e-Book can be used to promote a domain and develop it as a brand name. I cannot do it as an academic project because no one would be ready to waste their time with me as I’m not from Computer science background. So I decided to do it on my own. I knew it’s a tough task for a student like me, but I’m very obsessed with the idea of this plugin.
I was very excited when I saw wordpress in list organizations participating in GSoC, I’m now having a chance to code my plugin under the guidance of a mentor and I get to learn from people with lot of experience. This summer will be the best summer for me. I will enjoy PHP coding.

Thanks wordpress, Thanks Google

Download the above application as a PDF

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