Protect Google/Gmail Accounts from Hackers with 2-step Verification

With the increasing influence of internet over our lives we are spending more and more time online and sharing a lots of  our personal and professional information online and the only barrier that prevents your details online is a User name and a Password. Given the reach of internet it ain’t a very difficult task for some one to gain access to your login info via various attacks like phishing, hacking, or guessing the password.

For years the security of various online apps remained just like this but now Google has taken the initiative to bring a change to this by introducing the two factor authentication. You might wonder how does Google/Gmail 2-step verification process words? Well… Two factor authentication involves you to enter both your existing password and a special new second pass-code so it’s nearly impossible to attempt phishing. You generate this second password by  a new mobile app available for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry called ‘Google Authenticator’, or by  Google call or a text message to a phone number you entered when you set up the feature. That password will expire in just a few minutes though, so be quick.

google two factor authentication

google two factor authentication

This is really a very simple and yet effective way to counter the hacking attempts. You don’t need to memorize the second password you can have it send to you every time you login, though you need to memorize your Google account password.  And in case you feel that you are being treated as James Bond and want your life back then you can even specify an application specific code that you get and can use the same code every time you access that app. You can even get a Desktop specific code that will work for all the apps that you try to access from that device.

And in case you feel what will happen if you lost your cellphone then you can even enter a secondary cellphone number while you are trying to setup your account.

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