Prynt case for Samsung

With the big lot of smartphones out in the market these days, the number of accessories available for these smartphones are no less and the most popular smartphone accessories are cases. Almost everybody uses a protective smartphone case these days and some smartphone cases offer much more than just protection. One such case that we are gonna be talking about here today is the new Prynt case.

Prynt is a French company that specializes in producing smartphone cases that turns your smartphone into polaroid cameras. Wondering how? These specialized cases let your print pictures the moment you click them, much like a polaroid camera.

Prynt case for Samsung

The Prynt case connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to immediately get access to the photo clicked and takes about 50 seconds to print the photo and can store just 1 printing paper at the moment. The case is still in its testing stages and the manufacturers claim once the product is ready for the market, it will be able to store upto 30 printing papers at a time. The time taken to print a photo will also be brought down from 50 seconds to 30 seconds.

Impressed? Well, thats not the only thing this case can do. The new Prynt case also sports the augmented reality feature. This feature will automatically record a video of your surroundings when you click the “Upload to Cloud” button. You can access this feature using the Prynt app on your smartphone which you will have to install in order to use the case.

prynt case for smartphones
Prynt case

CEO of Prynt, Clément Perrot said the case will be made available next year when it is ready through Kickstarter for $99. The case will support all flagship smartphones and others too that measure 4″ and above. Perrot also said that they are currently working on making the Prynt case available for larger devices such as tablets.

With a lot of smartphone cases already in the market, how well do you think this device is going to perform? Leave your views in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates.

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