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Recently I wrote an article explaining reasons why to root android device. In that article I listed some of the top reasons to root android but today I’m going to do something opposite. I agree that rooting have its benefits but it they come with strings attached. With advantages comes disadvantages and we should accept them both. Today, I will write about the top reasons why not to root android device. This brings all on you, now you have to decide whether to root your beloved Android device or not.

Rooting do gives us access to hidden treasure but everything comes at a cost and according to a popular phrase, ‘To earn something, you’ll have to lose something’ which fits exactly on this. Rooting do brings lots of amazing features and tweaks but if not done properly, it may turn your device into a rock, an expensive one though. So whatever you decide, keep one thing in mind, these article are only for educational purposes and the author, as well as the website is not responsible for any kind of loss. So coming back on topic, here are the reasons why not to root android device.

5 Reasons Why not to root android device.

1. No OTA Updates

Once your device is rooted, you won’t be able to update your device officially through OTA or Over-The-Air updates. The only way to update after rooting is by downloading the updated firmware and then flashing it via ODIN or something similar. Samsung Kies will also not work properly with rooted devices. This isn’t a big issue as people who have balls to root are normally those who love tinkering with their device and flashing firmware is not a big deal for them but still this point is worth considering.

2. No Warranty

If you’re ready to root your android device anytime soon, then take this point into account. Rooting will void your warranty because it is not officially supported by the manufacturers. The service centre employees are able to recognize a rooted device and they will cancel your warranty. Samsung devices have an inbuilt binary and flash counter which counts each time your device is flashed, so if you still want to root then be prepared to lose warranty. However, there are some ways to keep warranty valid even after rooting, if you un-root your device before taking it to the service centre then there is a light of hope. Make sure you erase the flash counter to zero before trying for warranty. Whatever you say, but un-rooting isn’t an easy job.

3. Can Brick Device

Whether you are rooting or un-rooting, there is always a risk of bricking your device and not everyone can afford that. What a person can’t see is their beloved device bought from his or her hard earned money turning into an expensive paperweight? So before rooting take this into account, in case of any mistake you may lose your device.

4. Unwanted Issues

Sometimes flashing custom firmware can invite unwanted issues like overheating, battery drains, lagging and the worst one is freezing. If you have the patience to deal with such issues then go ahead. Rooting can also cause serious security issues, as you’ve gained access inside a door which companies prefer to keep locked, the best part is that you’ll have to decide whether to give root access to any app or not, so before approving apps for root access, think twice.

5. Possibility of losing EFS

EFS is a folder enclosed in root of device, this folder contains data of IMEI number, serial number, Wi-Fi address, mac address and other vital information. Regular flashing of firmware can erase EFS folder from your device which means all the radios will stop working. You device will neither receive signal reception nor it will be able to catch Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. ever again, unless you insert EFS folder back in place. Best way to save your dying device is to back up EFS folder before flashing firmware. Remember EFS is unique for every device and you can’t add EFS of some other device into your device.

So these were some of the top reasons why one should not root their android device. Now that I’ve listed both Advantages of rooting (another article) and disadvantages of rooting, it is in your hands whether to root your device or not. Remember the author of this article and the website is not responsible for any damages caused because of rooting, do it at your OWN RISK! I hope this article was helpful.

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