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Many people are afraid to root their Android device, the major fear is losing the warranty and a possibility of turning your beloved device into an expensive brick. I agree that the risks exist but if done properly then rooting can prove to be worth the risk. By rooting an Android device you get access to the root of the device, which means that you’re the master now. With rooting you can improve your device’s performance big time, you can push the hardware to its limits and even improve stability. Rooting introduces you to an open Android world of developers, you get access to thousands of new apps, tweaks and tools which can enhance your android experience a thousand times.

Reasons Why to Root Android Device

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1. Performance

Rooting highly improves the performance of the device, you can push the hardware beyond limits set by the company. You can increase CPU power by overclocking it, you can flash custom kernels, you can also boot two ROMs at same time using siyah kernel. By using performance apps you can set maximum number of apps that can run in background, maximum number or RAM to be kept reserved for keeping the phone fast and lots more. Rooting improves device performance big time.

2. New Apps and Tweaks

Have you heard of HTC Beats audio drivers? HTC claims that they improve music experience on your device, but unfortunately only devices equipped with them can enjoy. With rooting you can get Beats audio drivers on any android device you want, not only that you get access to thousands of such tweaks and apps which aren’t possible otherwise. You can install apps which can clean all junk files, apps which can backup everything including app and game data.You can install apps from other flagship devices like Bravia Engine from Sony, TouchWiz launcher from Samsung etc. You can transform your device using features from other flagship phones. There are a lot of possibilities when you root.

3. Flash Custom ROMS

If you want to go beyond limits then, just throw out the stock ROM and say hello to custom ROMs. Custom Rom are made by un-official developers, they don’t have bloatware (default apps) and have many new features. They usually have one touch overclocking options and have special apps which manage the ROM. You can import many features from other company phones for example, import Samsung’s Voice assistant on a non-samsung phone, import multi-window on a low-end smartphone, the possibilities are limitless and it will be very vast to be explained here.

4. Improved Battery

Rooting highly improves battery life. By tweaking your device properly you can improve the hardware stability and limit the CPU power when not needed. By removing the bloatware you can also get rid of the unnecessary apps and empty some disk space. Custom ROMs helps in keeping RAM memory low by removing bloatware which secretly runs in background and suck up CPU power. Custom ROMs use more stable firmware and tweaked launcher which greatly helps in preserving battery and since everything is under your control, you can limit the CPU power as per your choice, thus saving battery.

5. Customization

Since rooting enables root access, you can customize your device the way you want. You can install custom boot animations, system sounds, icons etc. Rooting gives you limitless customization of your device. As I said earlier, with rooting you can import custom features from other flagship devices. You can try different custom launchers, themes, icon packs from other devices, apps from other devices, you can edit the coding (If you know Android programming) and give instructions to your device, you can install new window animations, new interfaces (how about importing Windows Phone interface on Samsung?) and much more, the possibilities are endless.

6. Un-Official Android Version Updates

With the release of Android v4.4 Kitkat, Samsung left galaxy S3 and galaxy S3 mini users with no update. Thanks to developers, galaxy s3 users are able to flash Android v4.4 kitkat un-officially through ODIN without any problems, isn’t that amazing? With rooting you can get updates even if the company stops giving them to your device.

7. Overclocking CPU

Last but not the least, as I said earlier that with rooting you can overclock your CPU at high speed. Many people think that overclocking CPU can cause problems, well that’s true at some point, overclocking may cause over heat issues but if done properly, overclocking can boost your device performance. For example; Samsung’s galaxy s3 is clocked at 1.4 GHz by the company but after rooting you can overclock it up to 1.8 GHz.. To avoid over heating issues, don’t overclock it to full limit (i.e. 1.8 GHz), you can overclock it to 1.5 or 1.6, just to stay in safe range, and when your device starts to overheat then try to close the operation and let it cool down. You can under-clock it at any time.   Rooting have many other benefits, I wrote the seven major reason why people prefer rooting android devices. The choice is yours, after all it’s your device. If you are okay with what company gave you then that’s great but if you are a geek like me who is never satisfied with whatever he has then rooting will help.

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