How to Record Desktop Screen Online
Screen Toaster

You can Record  desktop screen online, tutorials, demos,  lectures is something which many people think to do but are unable to do due to unavailability of the appropriate software or tools. They then run around using cameras and video recorders to record their footage which is unclear and not really good with regards to clarity and picture clarity.

What if there is a screen recording tool which can record videos in real time , perfect video quality and moreover free.

Such a tool is ScreenToaster. ScreenToaster designs a Web-based screen recorder to capture screen activities in real-time to create and share tutorials, demos etc. This online screen recorder allows users to capture video along with audio in real-time, as well as publish and share videos in blogs and Websites.

Since it is designed on Java based  Applet , it works with all the operating systems without even a glitch. It also works as a hosting service as   the video can be  uploaded online automatically  after recording and becomes immediately available for sharing . It also facilitates users to stream videos online in Flash.

Requiring no software to download , Screentoaster is a treat for all those who love recording their videos such as game playing videos,demos, tutorials etc.

For demo Video Click on the link-Demo Video

Click Here for the Online-Screen recorder

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