Relief Centers And Helpline Numbers For Hudhud Victims

As many of you know or might have heard about in the past couple of days, hundreds and thousands of villages on the eastern coast of India are being evacuated by the Indian government. People in large numbers are getting away from the coasts and moving to safer lands in search of shelter. The reason for all this? The cyclone Hudhud.

The Hudhud is a tropical cyclone that India is currently battering with right now. It is also the strongest tropical cyclone of 2014 in the Indian Ocean. Hudhud originated in the region around Andaman and Nicobar island off the south-western coast of India owing to low pressure regions and uickly gained more power and got more fierce. It had become a cyclonic storm by the October 8th and a severe one by 9th. The Hudhud is now a Category 3 cyclone which can be pretty destructive.

Naval dock Hudhud

As we speak, the Hudhud is wrecking havoc on the South-western Indian coast where it landed at Vishakhapatnam around noon today. Reports say five people have been killed in the region so far. Winds speeds have reached over 205 kmph with surrounding regions like Orissa and Jharkhand starting to face mild rains and wind.

The government too is taking every necessary precaution to bring down the number of causalities and keep the damage to a minimum. NDRF (National Disaster Relief Force) has readied 39 teams comprising of 1680 members are on their heels ready to help the people in need. They have also been provided with 300 rubber boats. An NDRF control room too has been setup from where concerned personals are keeping a rack on the Hudhud. 40 trains have been cancelled in the region and another 40 diverted through safer routes.


Various relief camps have been setup by the Indian goverment in the region. Their number is around 370 with about 110 of them being in Srikakulam alone, which is feared to be the worst affected. Here is a list of the helpline numbers setup by the Indian government to cater to the needs of the people affected:

  • Ministry of Home Affairs , New Delhi : 011-23093563, 011- 23093566
  • Odisha : 1948
  • Andhra Pradesh : 1100, 1949, 9849904019, 0863-2234301,040-23456005 , 23450419
  • Bhubaneswar : 0674-2303110
  • Sambalpur : 0663-1072

The following are the control room numbers in five coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh which are likely to be affected by the cyclone:

  • Srikakulam : 08942-225361 9652838191, toll free 1800-425-6625
  • Vijayanagaram : 08922-278770/236947
  • Visakhapatnam : 0891-2563121, toll free 1800-425-00002
  • East Godavari : 0884-2365424/2365506, toll free 1800-4253077/4251077
  • West Godavari : 08812-230050/230934/252655, toll free 1800-4258848
  • Vizag : 1800-4250002

About 90,000 people have been evacuated from the area and are currently being put up in four relief centres set up across the three states. Empty train coaches are being used as the relief camps in some areas.


Those of us in safer regions can help the affected by spreading he news and informing more and more poeple of the helpline numbers. Sharing these helplines numbers is the least we can do. If you or any of your known ones are currently trapped or putting up in areas that could be hit by Hudhud, we strongly suggest you call up on the helpline numbers listed above and inform the officials. Also, DO NOT get out of your houses until the relief team reaches you. Stay safe and spread the news.

If you have any additional information, please share in comments and we will update the post immediately.

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