Remembering passwords is not an easy task especially if you have different passwords for different account. I have a lot of problem in remembering passwords. In today`s world you are surrounded by passwords in every sphere of life. Be it a bank account password, email-account password or any social networking site password. The list is never-ending. Setting a single password for all of them will make it easy for you to remember but it can lead to a serious problem if someone gets the password.

Thankfully, now we have softwares, which manage passwords. Today I will discuss about my favourite password management tool, Keepass – a useful password manager tool.

KeePass Password Safe

Keepass works by storing your passwords in an encrypted database, which is locked by one master-key. Therefore, you need to remember only your master-key to unlock your database. And don’t worry about its safety as it encrypts the database by using two of the most secure encryption algorithms: AES and Twofish.


Keepass is a OSI certified and therefore it allows you to have a look at its source code as well. It is built for all Windows platform after XP. It also supports Linux, and even portable device like iPhone, BlackBerry etc.


1) Keepass has a very strong and secure database and it keep tracks of the creation time, last modification time and the last access time.
3) The complete database is encrypted. So, not only your passwords but your user-names and notes are also protected.
4) KeePass tells you the information about the bit encryption that it provides when you type the password. It also shows a bar, which lets you know how secure your password is.
5) KeePass allows you to import and export passwords. It supports importing data from formats like CSV files , CodeWallet and Personal Vault text file and exporting data to formats like TXT, HTML and XML.
6) Keepass is portable .So you can run it on Windows systems without installation.
7) If you want, KeePass can generate a random password for you. You can also assist password generator by providing the number of characters and possible output characters.


I have solved my problem of remembering passwords. Now it is up to you. Try KeePass as it is free, open source and provides a high-level security to your passwords. The only thing that you need to remember is your master-key.

You can download KeePass from here.

6 thoughts on “KeePass – A Useful Password Manager Tool

  • January 11, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    I used this for a month, but for no reason at all Key Pass started telling me my master password was incorrect when there is no chance at all that it was. I put a ton of work in to setting up the database.

    So I open a backup copy and it worked! Closed it, next time I tried to reopen it, my master key was supposedly incorrect again. POS.

  • May 21, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    for me a book with the passwords in is the safest way to go, seems odd ton place them where they will be used, you wouldn’t tape your pin to the ATM

  • April 30, 2010 at 11:26 am

    Good program, that I should use more often. Thanks.


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