Calibre, The Ebook Management Software

Reading books is a favorite hobby for millions of people. Reading books digitally is also very common. Calibre is a software that helps you organize your vast eBook collection, convert books between different formats and sync them with different reading devices. This software is free and open-source and supports almost any eBook you can come up with. In this post, you can read Calibre review, explanation of eBook management software and Download link is provided at the end.

List of Supported Formats:

As I said, it supports a huge list of eBook formats. Here goes the list:


Output Formats: EPUB, FB2, LIT, LRF, MOBI, OEB, PDB, PDF, PML, RB, RTF, TCR, and TXT.

Calibre Features:

Managing your E-Book Library

The primary function of Calibre is to manage eBooks. It helps you browse the collection; sort it by Title, Date of Publishing, Author, Rating, Covers, etc. There’s a powerful and customizable search function to limit your view to a particular set of books. Also, there are other useful features like browsing by features, tags, etc.

Add Metadata to Books

Calibre can fetch metadata for the books present in its library on your PC. Metadata, in simple terms, mean the additional data relating to a file. In case of eBooks, metadata refers to Author Name, Publishing Company, Rating, Reviews, Synopsis, etc. Calibre fetches metadata from the internet based on the book’s name or ISBN number.

Its ability to fetch Synopsis and ratings is very useful and one can know whether the books is worthy of a read or not.

Read Books

Calibre comes with an integrated eBook reader. However, the reader is a bit sluggish. Since Calibre supports so many eBook formats, it is likely that the user might not have a reader for each eBook format. At that point, the in-built reader comes in handy.

Convert E-Books

This is one of the best features of Calibre. It can convert books between different formats seamlessly. Therefore, you can take your .LIT format eBooks as .PDF and read it on any PC or convert it to .PRC or .MOBI and read it on your mobile phone as well. The end result of conversion is very good and most of the images, text formatting is preserved.

RSS retrieval

Calibre can pull content out of RSS feeds and turn them into eBooks. Also, as and when new content is available on the RSS feed, it automatically downloads it and updates the eBook stored on your PC or mobile. This feature is very useful if you follow one or more blogs and one can access to latest article even when one is offline.

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