Kindle Paperwhite

With the race of e-readers in the market, every brand is trying to launch a product of their own. Even already there is a flood, but none has given satisfaction to the users’ needs and that’s why Kindle has made a comeback with its new Kindle Paperwhite-e-reader which is the latest version of the previous Kindle reader. The looks have been modified to give a more contemporary view and the menu button on the lower bezel has been replaced by a Kindle logo. Looks like Amazon has lot in store for its customers. Let’s discuss the features in detail.

Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Hardware

When first generation of Kindle was released in 2007, it was found to be a little bit outdated as it was a big, bulky gadget cluttered with buttons and keys. By the time the third generation model of Kindle came out it was among the priorities list of Amazon.

Kindle Paperwhite
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Keyboard-Now the Kindle is again in the market without a QWERTY keyboard, but with a Kindle touch Paperwhite.  The new Kindle Paperwhite is having just one button which is said to be laced with maximum features to it. This time the Kindle Paperwhite has launched a handy and a portable model of its own without any extra slots over it.

Colors– The device comes in two colors only, black and white.

Body-Though it does have a slim and sleek body, enough strong to absorb any of the mechanical shocks, but the device have a plastic body rather than aluminum body unlike other gadgets which have been launched in the market. There is only one power button and a micro USB slot over the gadget as because it promises a long battery life.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Display

Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite might be a goofy name but the device do have a heart that’s the main reason it is among the best sellers over the Amazon as because the device promises a easier to read and crispier display to its users. The gadget comes with a inbuilt lights turn off mode and the user can also customize the lights as per his convenience as because it comes with an extra settings of Kindle touch, Kindle Paperwhite where the lights gets off and the Kindle Paperwhite lights at top setting. The company paid special attention to the quality of LEDs that were used in the device so that the battery life doesn’t get affected by extra usage. The light is evenly distributed over the whole screen and as seen in its competitors this feature somewhere lacks in them. Kindle has even managed to reduce the gap between display and bezel which is a significant feature.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Software


Kindle paperwhite
Kindle Paperwhite

Improving the users reading experience was not a matter of tricks thought the company does have a lot of tricks on the software side too. With the new Kindle Paperwhite users just not only have to just touch the button but also to swipe the screen to gain the access to inside the system as because sampling clicking on the button will only turn the screen lights on. For the default home screen, with the increase in pixel counts it really gives an advantage to the users to go through heavily on images with a three row book cover. There will also be a small dotted progress bar so that a user can get to know of how far he has read. At the top of the screen there will be a tool bar which enables a user with the features like wireless connections, battery life and time and just below the tool bar there is a row of buttons which a user can access to browse over the gadget during his reading tour which includes Home Page, Back, Search with other various setting, Store and light adjusting settings. Farther down these two tool bars there are two links Cloud and device which lets you toggle between whether the books you have downloaded are supposed to be saved in the Cloud or the device. As the device have just a memory of 2 GB non expandable so it will be a wise option to save the books over the cloud which makes a user to access their cloud account every time they wants to read a book. There is also an option for advance user settings where a user can access to the web browser, the Kindle store and the Cloud account automatically every time they access there tablet.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Price

119 USD (normal)

179 USD (3G version)

More features of Amazon Kindle Fire

  • It has built in light which constantly illuminates the screen so that the users have an impeccable reading experience even if there is no optimum light around.
  • The users get superb resolution because the pixel count is 62% higher.
  • The contrast of the screen is also 25% better so that the text appears darker and sharper.
  • The text and images are clear and crisp even if you’re viewing the screen in full sunlight.
  • The device now has 6 font styles and 8 adjustable sizes too, for great viewing experience.
  • It has built in Wi-fi so that you can download new books whenever you want.
  • The capacity of this device is enormous. It can store up to 1100 books at a time. So, you have your library in your pocket always!
  • You can translate any word to 12 languages.

Best Things about Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Better storage capacity- 2GB internal storage to store lots and lots of books and stories to keep reading in free time without carrying any book along.

Amazing battery time- The battery offers 8 week battery time ( 30 minutes each day with Wi-Fi off ). So, keep reading your favorite books to indulge yourself in your favorite pastime hobby without the need to worry about the battery.

W-Fi- An important feature for readers to download books in less than 60 seconds and read anywhere, So, stay connected always by the most amazing built-in Wi-Fi feature.

High Resolution- Because of the high resolution,  reading experience is awesome. You can read complex PDF files very easily. An amazing new feature named “Time to read” senses your reading speed and estimates when you will finish the books.

Bad Things about Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Display Size- The display screen measures 6 inches, which is comparatively smaller than other eReaders but offers 62% more pixels plus a better resolution to help readers to get a better appearance of the text.

Expensive 3G- One of the major cons of Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is that 3G option is very expensive.

No Music- Absence of all kind of audio features including MP3 player.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite- The Best E-reader

Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle Paperwhite

Paperwhite is another perfect shot by the book giant – Amazon. The screen resolution is better than ever with the pixel count increased by 60%. The contrast has also been escalated by 25% to give a darker text so that you can read clearly. The new features like “Time to Read” indeed make it an intelligent device. You can store 1100 titles within the reader and you also have access to 18,0000 titles which are exclusively available to Kindle users only. You will get built in Wi-fi in this device which will let you download a book in merely 60 seconds at any time you want. The Kindle just got more amazing with Kindle Paperwhite!

No doubt with all these controllers and settings Kindle Paperwhite is the best e-reader out in the market. Everything from the screen adjustments to the evenly distributed front light cover are great providing to an improved contrast but still Kindle Paperwhite is a way far away from perfect. For starters, the device with a nook simple touch is not just pleasant to hold as because it sacrifices the comfort of users. As provided with only 2GB non expandable memory it also somewhere lacks in the processing and functioning speed of its processors though it does have unlimited cloud storage. The Kindle Paperwhite is available over the developer’s site at a price of 119 USD for the Wi-Fi version and 179 USD for the 3G version.

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