FAVI mini Bluetooth keyboard is the latest invention of the FAVI entertainment. It is a pocket friendly Bluetooth keyboard. It allows the user to do typing in one go, especially when people are working on their Smartphone devices where a touch screen display is not all that easy to whip a long document.

It comes with a built-in-track pad which is best suited for the user device. This device is very versatile in nature as it comes with dedicated android buttons to give users an easy access. It allows the user to enjoy their favourite music and videos with the use of its special hotkeys. It is very beneficial for the users who make lot of presentations as this Bluetooth device consists of its own built-in laser pointer.

Specification of FAVI Mini Bluetooth Keyboard: 

It is very light in weight and portable. It has an ideal balance of speed, accuracy and comfort. It gives a user a fast hand over typing and accuracy too without causing much stain over fingers or on hands. The keyboard of this Bluetooth device comes with backlit keys, letting the user work in dark as well as in dimly lit areas. This device can be used with all Bluetooth enabled devices too as it includes a Bluetooth USB receiver.

It has wireless range of 50 feet. The FAVI Palm-sized Bluetooth Keyboard plus Track pad is designed for Kindle Fire with Android buttons at the ready for quick access of media playback and so much more. This is an exciting product for just about every aspect of people digital life. The FAVI pocket able Bluetooth keyboard is just what it sounds like. FAVI has come up with a fully functioning wireless keyboard that is nearly as feature rich as the devices for which it remotely takes command. Familiar android buttons and FAVI’s screen swipe touchpad offers fast and fluid navigation. Touchpad features full mouse control as well as “tap to click” and page scroll. It also has power point slide buttons. The advantage of a physical keyboard for a tablet was the ease of typing. This advantage would be lost if the keyboard has seriously compromised comfort for size. This keyboard works well, but the usable range is only about eight to ten feet before it loses connection. All other keyboards have fifteen to twenty feet from computer. This unit has such a limited transmission range that it cannot be recommended. With no walls between the keyboard and the pc/RF dongle the range of reliable operation is less than 12 feet. It is the big disappointment of this device.

Problems with FAVI Mini Bluetooth Keyboard:

The problems are, it is like an iPhone, depending on where you put your fingers, or legs, if you are laying down, it gets worse and better signal, but user just have to move a finger, and it’s all good.

The second problem is the built in laser pointer is often more entertaining than the movies I watch on my new Home Theater PC. I love the thing, a little too much. The other night I shined it out my window, across the street and down the block into my neighbour’s window, and woke him up… Why did they put that in it! they are getting me in trouble! Best red laser pointer ever. Too Good!

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