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I have already discussed a lot about Rooting Android Phones, how it’s done and what rooting is. If you are considering to root your device it’s quite important that you understand the difference between installing custom ROM and just rooting your Android device. So in this post we will basically discuss Rooting vs Custom ROM and know the difference between both in technique and in feature you can avail.

What is Custom ROM on Android Devices

Custom ROM

Android is already the most popular mobile Operating system. With Android gaining so much popularity more and more device manufacturers are opting it. What most of the manufacturers do is build a new UI on the base Operating System. Most of the time the manufacturers tend to give priority to UI and in this way the performance suffers.More over manufacturers also launch a lot of devices in a short span of time and with Android releasing new versions of OS the older handsets are left with older version of OS. Manufacturers very often don’t give you the Root access to your Mobiles OS and thus you can’t modify much of its internal settings.

Custom ROM are much more than rooted smartphone.Rooted Stock ROM are only rooted while custom ROM provides new apps, new tweaks, extra performance and battery.To be able to install a custom ROM you need access to the system files on your device. Without rooting, you do not have this access.Here are a few common questions that people often ask about Custom ROM

  • Can I flash a custom ROM without rooting ?

Well till date i haven’t come across a trick to do so, if you know any such then do share it with us.that means its essential that your Android devices are first rooted so that you have access to system files.

  • What are various Custom ROM’s available for my Android device ?

Read this article by Raghvendra about 3 most popular custom ROMs for Android of all time . You can do a Google search to get the correct method of installing the Custom ROM in your device.

  • Using Custom ROM voids my warranty. Is this true.

Yes this is true Rooting Voids the warranty of your device.

 What is a Rooted Device ?


Well as mentioned earlier Rooting is to open up your file system entirely to gain the access to root of the OS.A custom ROM is installed on a device often to improve its functionality and add features that were previously  not available to it.

Rooting, however, is often the exact opposite situation – it can be invaluable in improving the experience of your phone. Although sometimes its quite necessary to root your device in order to modify some settings or to install some Apps.The biggest advantage of Rooting however remains Custom ROM.

A detailed account about rooting can be read over here Everything You Ought to Know About Rooting Your Android Device

Rooting vs Custom ROM

  • Rooting will not give any performance increment to your device.
  • Rooting gives you Superuser privilege to modify any setting you want.
  • Custom ROM is more like a modified OS with added features.
  • Custom ROM installation needs a rooted device.

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