Samsung Ring Operated Smartwatch

With so many smartwatches already in the market and many more announced and ready to make their debut, the competition in the smartwatch market is getting more and more fierce with each passing day. With the great number and variety of smartwatches we already have in the market, it’d be easier for new smartwatches to come with unique features, if they want to make a mark in the market and have good sales. Looks like thats is exactly what Samsung thinks too.

We say so because a new patented document which was filed by Samsung has surfaced this week and the document reveals some pretty interesting design for a smartwatch. Wondering what actually this interesting design is? The patent document shows a round smartwatch that is operated by a ring located on the watch’s side.


Samsung Ring Operated Smartwatch
Samsung Ring Operated Smartwatch Design

The patent is not something new, it was filed way back in 2013 and frankly, we’re surprised such an interesting piece of information took that long to surface. Interestingly, the patent was not about the ring operated smartwatch, instead it was about a smartwatch that displayed your daily agenda on the screen like a pie-chart and the ring is just one of the many methods that could be used to edit entries on the agenda displayed on your screen.

However, don’t get too excited yet. Not all patented designs get to see the daylight and many of them are scrapped before entering the production line. And if you ask us, we think this project too has been scrapped as the patent was filed in 2013 and its been more than a year. If Samsung wanted this to be  done, it’d have been done by now. But nevertheless, we’ll always be looking out for the Ring Operated Smartwatch from the Korean smartphone manufacturing giant.

Even if the ring operated smartwatch does not get into the production line, we assure that Samsung will be coming out with round smartwatches. Until now, all smartwatches from Samsung, whether Tizen powered or Android Wear powered have been rectangular shaped while Samsung’s competitor in the smartwatch segment Motorola and LG have themselves round faced smartwatches, the Moto 360 and the G Watch R respectively. So a round faced smartwatch is expected from Samsung which is due soon if rumors are to be reported.

While the idea of operating a smartwatch with a ring sure sounds interesting, because rotating rings is not something that we have never seen before in the market. While the G Watch R has a rotating ring that just protects the smartwatch, Apple is rumored to be using digital + manual controls for its upcoming smartwatch by incorporating a rotating crown that can be use to control the watch. So although the rotating ring has been used sometimes, smartwatches have been touch-dominated. This one, if ever produced could be a totally new concept?

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