Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, The premium 5th generation Galaxy S !

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Earlier we had published an article related to ‘Samsung Galaxy S5 which was launched in Feb 2014. Well, if we take a deep look at the past rumours ‘Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime’ or ‘Premium Galaxy S5′ was even leaked before the actual leaks of the real 5th gen Galaxy S.

After the launch, The CEO of Samsung was asked in an interview regarding the upcoming ‘Premium’ Samsung Galaxy S5. At that point of time the executive from Samsung denied the rumours and said  there is nothing like that, and we won’t see any new so called ‘Premium’ version of Galaxy S5″

But recently, ‘Phonearena’ proved the statement wrong, which was earlier made by Samsung’s executive on the day of launch. But, the question is why did he deny about the rumours and told them to be ‘False’? If we look at it with business point of view, then it’s evident that the company didn’t want to turn down the sales of their newly launched flagship device. Because, if they do announce that a premium version of the device will be launched soon, then the majority of people would avoid purchasing the device and  rather wait for the next version or next release.


At present there are only limited leaked pictures of the device, but those directly point towards few things from the physical overview i.e. 5.2″ screen, same back panel patter with the same craft on it, no changes in the chip set in the device.

As per the latest leaks the device will possess a 5.2″ inch QHD display, whereas the currently present Galaxy S possesses 5.1 inch display. However the pixel density of both the devices is expected to be same 920*1080. Recent leaks also revealed that the device will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 SoC which will run on 3 gigs of RAM.

A source recently publicized that the model number of the device will be SM-G906L and the device will first flicker in Korea itself which is the birth city for the company. But considering the Samsung’s mind-set for Indian market, they may even launch the device in Indian market like the Galaxy s5.


The rest of the specifications for the device will remain parallel. Information was leaked by @Evleaks  that the device will come with Android 4.4.3 out of the box. The Google play edition of the device is also expected to get underway within a couple of days after the actual launch.

Some are speculating the device as ‘Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha’ but there are no official announcements from the company. Let’s have a quick look upon the leaked specifications of the device so far

Galaxy S5 Prime Specifications

  1. 5.2 inch QHD Super AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 3 protection.
  2.  Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 SoC.
  3. 3 gigs of RAM.
  4. Exynos SoCs processor (Expected for a different model).
  5. Android 4.4.3 out of the box.
  6. Improved Fingerprint scanner capabilities.
  7. Various additions of colors for the Korean model.

That above listed specifications are the most talked specs sheet for the device. However, the launch price of the device will be more than the launch tag of Samsung Galaxy S5. The device is carrying the same style statement from the elder brother, but we might see some changes in the in-built quality of the device.

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