samsung galaxy tab s images

samsung galaxy tab s images


Samsung, the company who was rumoured to launch a high resolution display tablet in competition to Apple’s iPad air has  finally revealed at the event on 13th of June 2014. Samsung was highly expected to bring in the most gorgeous display they have ever built and showcased with the thinnest tab ever manufactured by the company.

The jaw dropping display that Samsung has added is Super AMOLED display that makes it impossible to differentiate between artificial colors and natural colors. Samsung has brought the first display with a high colors saturation and distribution system.

We got some time to juggle with the tab and to find out the best part of it. However, the best part as mentioned above is the display. If you are a high pixels lover then you are not going to get disappointed with the tablet because it is very much fetching that it compensates all the other flaws of the device.

galaxy tab s images

Apart from the display the tablet is the thinnest tablet from the company. However, note series tablets were said to be the most light weight tablet device ever introduced by the company but Tab S breaks every other record and shines high at the first position.

In terms of physical overview and built you won’t find much difference. However, the device comes with an old school design statement from the Samsung and the front of the device comes with a superb display with a physical home button for various tasks and secondly the device presents us with touch sensitive buttons similar to Samsung Galaxy S5 or Samsung Galaxy Note 3. 

While  moving  back we can trace the same effect  in Samsung Galaxy S5 and in upcoming devices from the 5th Gen Galaxy series. However, at the back we also find a primary shooter and LED flash light and below it, there is only Samsung’s branding.

samsung galaxy tab s 6.6 mm

The back of the device is quite much clean like rest of the tablets and is quite much comfortable to hold. The bad thing about the device is its broadness. The device comes with a broad screen which doesn’t make the device a handy gadget . It seems like we are using an extended ipad or something like that while trying to hold it with one hand.

Specifications Galaxy Tab S 10.5

  1. Device comes with large 10.5 inch Super AMOLED display.
  2. Display comes with 2560×1600 pixel high resolution.
  3. Octa-Core Exynos (A15 1.9 GHz ? A7 1.3 GHz) processor / 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor.
  4. Device runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat out of the box with Samsung’s TouchWiz.
  5. It comes with high quality 8 Mp primary shooter with LED flash light.
  6. For secondary shooter company has added 2.1 MP cameras with HD video recording.
  7. It runs on 3 gigs of RAM.
  8. It supports 16 gigs and 32 gigs models with SD card support.
  9. It weighs about 294 g.
  10. It powers up with giant 7900 mAh battery.

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