Samsung Gearing Up For A Worldwide Note 4 Release By The End Of October, Note Edge To Follow Later

Yesterday, we wrote about how Samsung was worried seeing Apple’s record of 10 million iPhone 6 handsets sold in just the opening weekend and has decided to advance the release of their upcoming phablet, the Galaxy Note 4. Today, we have some more info about the topic.

Samsung has planned to make the Galaxy Note 4 available all over the world by the end of October. This statement was put forward today by the president of Samsung’s mobile division, DJ Lee at a press event in Seoul. He announced that Samsung plans to make the Note 4 available in over 140 countries spread all over the globe by the coming month’s end. The number of countries would be the same as the Note 3 was launched in this year, which means Samsung is very serious regarding the figures and they’re not claiming that they won’t be able to fulfill it later.

Note 4’s release was preponed keeping in mind the phenomenal sales that its competitor, the iPhone 6 Plus has been doing. The Note 4’s release has been scheduled a little earlier now, with Korea being Samsung’s homeland will be the first one to get it. The Note 4 will be made available in South Korea this Friday instead of the earlier scheduled timeline of early October.

The Note 4 was put up for pre-order in Korea yesterday and the pre-orders sold out in a matter of just hours. Seeing this response to the Note 4, Lee said they have bigger goals than that for the Note 3. He was quoted as saying:

I can’t tell you about the internal sales target for the Note 4; but it will be much higher than for the Note 3. We have expectations given initial consumer reactions.

Sources from inside Samsung claims that it’s goal is to sell 15 million Note 4 units in the first month of the device’s launch which is a significant rise from the 10 million units that the Note 3 sold in the initial month when it was released.

DJ Lee also stated the following in response to questions asked about Samsung stock price hitting a two-year-low:

Samsung can improve its profits as we are positioned well to pursue technology improvements, steadily, based on solid corporate fundamentals.


Talking about the curved screen device the Note Edge, there have been no advancements in the Note Edge’s release. The reason? The Note Edge is not Samsung’s main competing device. The Note Edge is something not the whole world will be able to see as the device will only be available in selected regions across the globe. These specific countries remain unknown to us but what we do know is that US will be one of the countries as the four major carriers in the US have already announced that they will be offering the Note Edge later this year.


If you prove to be lucky enough so as to see your country in the list where the Note Edge will be made available, you’ll still have to wait a long time to get your hands on it as we all know that all premium Samsung devices are first launched in South Korea, Samsung’s homeland and there’s still no news of it.

Samsung is determined about their goals in a race against the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Who will be the winner? We’ll find out in due time. Till then, stay tuned for more updates.


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