5 Ways to Save Battery while Reading Books on Android

EBooks are the new trend among Bookoholics, with eBooks people can carry their favourite books anywhere and read them whenever they want. The best part is that they don’t want to carry any physical item or extra weight, everything is there in their phone or tablet. Now wherever they go, they have their library with them. Another best part of eBooks is that, you can download them over Wi-Fi or mobile internet and read them instantly unlike paperbacks, for which you have to wait for the shipping to arrive. EBooks are instantly available and are cheaper than regular paperbacks and you can keep it with you wherever you go. You can also read them at night without turning on the lights.

eBook Reading

I’m a book lover and since I travel a lot, I have to rely on EBooks for quench my book thirst. Since our phone is a very important aspect of our life and our whole universe revolves around it, we usually face problems with battery. Phone is a device which is used for listening to music, watching movies, browsing internet, reading book and of course for calling, we can’t afford losing battery when travelling, So what to do? Today I will list 5 ways to save battery while reading books on Android device.

How to Save Battery while Reading Books on Android Device

1. Low Brightness

Most of the big screened Androids are equipped with AMOLED displays which suck battery big time. The display is responsible for most of the time when battery is low, so if you want a long-lasting book reading experience on your android device then you have to turn the brightness down. I’m not saying to completely bring brightness down, but to a level where you can read without forcing your eyes to focus more.

Go to Settings > Display > Brightness : Lower Brightness down

2. Black Background

Almost all eBook reading apps have an option to turn the background black and text white. This is the best way to save battery when reading books on android, though it is sometimes difficult to use this option during daytime as black tends to show mirror reflections. Whenever possible, try to use black background when reading books, since most of the androids have AMOLED display, so when you keep background black, the display does not require to emit light and thus power is saved.

ebook black background

If you have a habit of reading books at night when the lights are turned off then make sure that you use black background for reading. Using black background at night also prevent your eyes from hurting due to bright white light.

Go to eBook app settings > change background color to Black

Night Mode is a free app available at Play store which lets you lower the device brightness even more than the stock limit. You can lower your brightness more than default setting and it is very useful for night book reading.

Install Night Mode app > Tap on Start > Lower the brightness from the app

4. Power Saving Mode

All Android devices come with an inbuilt Power saving mode which helps reduce battery consumption. Power saving mode lowers CPU usage and is ideal for book reading. It helps reduce battery life big time and is the quickest way to save battery in case you forgot installing Night Mode app.

Go to Settings > My device > Power Saving : Turn it on

5. Use Battery Booster App

There are plenty of apps for boosting battery, these type of apps clear RAM memory, temporary files and also closes apps which are running in background thus saving battery life. These apps also provide full battery stats and also display estimated battery time. I recommend using DU Battery Saver, you can download it for free from Play store.

Bonus Tip

6. Switch Off Radio Signals

If you are in “No network” coverage area then you must keep your phone on Airplane mode, this prevents your phone to waste power searching for network. Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, 3G, 4G, NFC etc. This will help you save battery and you can have a long-lasting reading experience.

So I hope these tips were helpful and you can now enjoy reading books on your android device without worrying about the battery. I will keep bringing more such article, till then have a good day.

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