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ScreenDashDo u remember the article  “Why Screen dash will change the web” awhile back about a new cloud image software called Screen Dash. There was a great amount of interest by readers in this software and its capabilities. In case you forgot, here is a quick overview:

“Screen Dash combines screenshot capture abilities, paint and photo editing tools, and instant image hosting.  This process may seem simple but it saves the average photo user over 120 seconds.  Think about it: if you find a image or story you want to put on your blog or website, you would have to either copy or take a screenshot, go into Paint and add some comments, then go to an image host to upload the photo, and finally insert the code into your page. Screen Dash combines this all into one smart utility.”

I received an email from a reader last week that Screen Dash released a new Premium version 2.1 and it is even more useful for webmasters.  If you thought the Premium Dash 1.0 was cool, 2.1 is insane.  Screen Dash has taken the cloud concept to the max by allowing users to create a variety of server side changes from their desktop.

The Premium Dash allows users to input their own Google Adsense code and actually profit from the pictures they post online.  Using the share button beneath the uploaded photo users can post their image to digg, yahoo buzz, and over 50 more social media sites sending tons of traffic and Ad clicks to their page.  See how Google Adsense can make you $18 with just one image hosted on Screen Dash Here! ( Users can also host their own images through FTP which saves the time of having to save and go into a file manager to add images.  From a photo editing perspective the Premium Dash 2.1 offers a circle crop tool with invert selection tool, flip and rotate, edge filter, advanced photo printing options, email capabilities, and a huge transparent PNG library of cool photo effects that you can add to your pictures.

I contacted Screen Dash to see if I could get a discount for my readers due to the level of interest of the last post.  They agreed to offer a 50% discount for the Premium Dash 2.1 (Normally $30 now $15) to all Genius Hacker readers. They also agreed to give three free licenses to the readers of GeniusHackers.Com, to get your free copy, say why you want it and post a short review of the software.

You can get this discount at:

Hurry, the discount is valid only for 5 days.

One thought on “Screen Dash Premium 2.1 Amazing Discount

  • March 20, 2009 at 12:26 am

    Hello, my name is Adam Sizemore. I’m commenting on this artical to day because Screen Dash sounds lime an amazing program that everybody that uses a computer would want really bad. This state of the art program is going to be all over the web in a matter of weeks. Especially with the half off discount provided generously by the company and brought to us by Genius Hackers. I mean come on! Instant image hosting, image effects, screen shot capabilities! What more could someone ask for? Screen Dash goes far beyond just those amazing things. What makes this program truly amazing and better than the rest is its efficiency. This program will save me a lot of usefull time that I could be useing right now to make money, or play my numerous Super Nintendo games! This program is a must have for everybody. 10/10 perfect score.


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