Second Generation Bluetooth Headset – Motorola H720

The Motorola H720 Bluetooth headset is a second-generation Bluetooth headset designed to work with Bluetooth-compatible devices like cell phones, computers and video game consoles. The H720 is designed to connect easily to any Bluetooth-capable device and produce a reliable connection. This Bluetooth headset uses an in-canal design. Most of the headsets we’ve seen recently use ear bud-style speakers. The H720 preserves a design style Motorola has used for years: an oval main unit attached to a rubber ear loop with a flip-out arm that serves as an on/off switch. The H720 fits with just the right mix of firmness and comfort such that user barely sense its half-ounce weight. However, the speaker is loud and clear, which is doubly surprising considering that it’s resting on the outer ear in a largely open air design. This is a no-frills headset, with no much of anything else. It pairs easily and reliably, features up to eight hours of talk time, and offers very simple controls. The main Talk button dominates the oval’s outer face, the up volume button is on the top, the down volume is on the bottom, and the headset gives the user intuitive beeps that let the user know what they are doing. It’s easy to set up and configure with your Bluetooth-enabled phone.

Features and Specifications of Motorola H720 Bluetooth Headset :

This Motorola Bluetooth headset features clear audio, a comfy fit, and Motorola’s exclusive Rapid Connect on/off flip switch. It helps the user to easily answer and end phone calls when they are on the move. They can also listen to high-quality music on this headset no matter wherever they are doing. Featuring noise suppression and echo cancellation, it allows them to focus on the conversations even on a busy street or a subway. With up to eight hours of talk time, this Motorola echo cancellation headset will let the users enjoy uninterrupted conversation with family and friends. The headset automatically turns off to save battery power when not in use. . H720 powers off when folded in to help save your battery, so that users get the most out of one charge. The standby time of the headset is up to 280 hours. The dimensions for the same are 42*27*20. The experience icons identify devices that utilize the same profiles, helping to ensure basic compatibility between such devices. It also supports voice dialling. It has a microphone mute function too. However, certain advanced Bluetooth features may not be supported by all devices featuring such icons, and/or the functionality of such features may be limited in certain devices.

The use of wireless devices and their accessories may be prohibited or restricted in certain areas. So, one should always obey the laws and regulations on the use of these products.  It lets you spend more time talking and less time syncing with Easy Pair technology that makes syncing with your phone quick and hassle-free.

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