How to Secure your LAN Network
lan security

In this short tutorial where you will come to know the basics of LAN security. As far as LAN security is concerned firewalls, anti-viruses play an important role in it. Viruses can affect your pc or your entire network. Hence it is very important to ensure that your connection is secure. Security of LAN is sub-divided in two parts.

  • Manual security
  • With tools security.

As far as manual security is concerned, it takes into consideration pen-drive, CD, DVD,etc. Ensure that these stuffs you are going to insert are pre scanned and does not contain any viruses. This can harm your entire network. Secondly do not allow any of your friend to take access of your server, or do not revel any passwords that you have set for firewalls and your TCP ports. This could take away your entire privacy. With tools security play a most important part in LAN security.  Tools like Port Monitors & Trojan Cleaners should be given a big existence in LAN security.Port monitors are programs that you install on your computer.   They are simpler than the Personal Firewalls in that their main purpose is to detect incoming port scans on your computers.  Some also shut down an unauthorized scan, but for that capability you usually need to use a firewall. Trojan cleaners  look for Back Orifice and NetBus. Two common and most important tools

  • Nukenabber
  • The Cleaner

are specially meant to have a look on the TCP and UDP ports. This look after the attack on the system over internet.A total of 50 ports can be looked after at the same time.

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