Semi Tethered Jailbreak Vs Untethered Jailbreak Vs Tethered Jailbreak

iPhone jailbreak is already a very common trick that most of the users of iPhone opt for after buying their iPhone to gain full control. We have already discussed in an earlier post about the difference between Jailbreak and Unlocking. In this post we shall discuss about another term that causes a lot of confusing Tethered Jailbreak Vs Untethered Jailbreak .

What is Tethered Jailbreak ?

tethered jailbreak

With tethered jailbreak, you can not reboot your device.Tethered Jailbreaks require a computer connection to boot a jailbroken iOS device. It simply means that every time your iPhone or iPod touch reboots or the battery dies, you have to connect (tether) your iOS device back to your computer so that the hardware can boot with the aid of the jailbreak application. Tethered jailbreaks are quite frustrating as every time you reboot you will need to jailbreak it using a PC or Laptop. After the Jailbreak is complete you can disconnect your device and use it regularly as jailbreak until next reboot.

The biggest disadvantage of this method is that if you don’t have a computer nearby then your system remains completely non-functional.

What is Semi Tethered Jailbreak ?


Semi-Tethered Jailbreak is a new technique is which you are allowed to use some essential Apps such as Phone calls and SMS, in case your phone reboots and you don’t have access to a computer nearby to Tether your device fully. However to use all the other apps you will need to find a computer to Tether your device.

It is quite useful when you don’t have a computer nearby and your battery just dries out making your device to reboot, you  have access to basic Apps.

What is Untethered Jailbreak ?


Now even though in Semi tethered Jailbreak you have access to some basic apps your device is not fully functional. Untethered Jailbreaks are more preferred option when it comes to Jailbreak. Untethered jailbreaks makes your iOS devices always completely functional whether or it gets rebooted or not. Untethered Jailbreaks give you option to reboot as many time as possible without worrying to Tether it again with every reboot. An Untethered Jailbreak makes your  device behaves just like any other iDevice and you don’t need to worry to tether it again and again.

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