Shape Shifting Smartphone From Kyocera Is Here

We have been hearing about bendable smartphones being in the production for sometime now and no, we are not talking about the iPhone 6 Plus for that matter. We keep hearing about one smartphone manufacturer or the other working on smartphones and tablets that can be bent or even rolled into a cylinder but we still haven’t really seen a smartphone that can do these things. All we had in the name of bendable screens were the Samsung Galaxy Round with a curved screen fixed to the glass and the LG G Flex boasted of a curved screen that could be straightened. Nothing close to bendable or flexible displays in true sense. That was the case until now. Yes, it is exactly what you think it is. Shape-shifting smartphones are finally here. All thanks to Japanese smartphone manufacturer Kyocera.

Kyocera Proteus is what the company claims is a smartphone with a real flexible screen. The device that was unveiled at the CEATEC exhibition in Japan is truly a marvel. Though still just a prototype, the smartphone can transform into three different shapes. The first one being the plain old straight smartphone.


The second look that the smartphone can take up is that of a bracelet, serving as a wearable and the looks are not the only thing that relate it to a wearable. Sensors embedded into the back of the smartphone will measure your heartbeat so you can keep a track of your fitness, a feature found in most wearable these days. Something that makes it ideal for a workout.


The third shape is named “Clip Style“, pretty much similar to the second one. This would allow you to attach or clip the smartphone onto railings or bars such as your bike handle, offering you the option to navigate using your smartphone without the hassle of having to take out the smartphone from your pocket every time.


Don’t get your hopes too high yet as the unit pictured above is just a prototype and there are many issues to be dealt with before the smartphone can be produced in large numbers. Some of them  include the incorporation of a keyboard on a curved screen and inclusion of a battery among others. So till the time these issues are worked upon, the Proteus will remain only a dream.



One thought on “Shape Shifting Smartphone From Kyocera Is Here

  • November 5, 2014 at 11:35 pm

    Why don’t you put the battery and logic board in the middle then use a simple way to make the screen shape into a circle the camera can move because of the wire is enough space


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