should you htc one x or not

HTC  is well-known for its brilliant design & its user interface and now HTC from its one series phones unleased it’s HTC ONE X flagship smartphone costs around  RS.38,000. HTC ONE X comes up with the latest android OS 4.0 Ice cream sandwich in it with 1.5 GHz Tegra 3 quad-core processor. It’s screen size is 4.7 inch with super IPS LCD2 display of HD resolution of 720*1280 pixels. It has an inbuilt 32GB internal memory, 1GB RAM and 8 MP camera with 1080p HD video recording and playback.

HTC ONE X design is Minimalist and have a premium finish. It’s slighty curve design at the back adds more beauty to it. This time not using the aluminum finish which symbolizes the solidity of phone the company had used the plastic body which makes this giant 4.7 inch display phone with smoothly rounded piano-gloss sidewalls easy to hold with one hand and using the same hand for navigating the phone. ONE X is 8.9mm thin but it’s 8MP camera little raised from the body destroys all the thinness.

5 Reason why you should buy HTC ONE X:

  1. Design : The design of  ONE X is enamel and one cannot take up he’s eyes off from the phone away. The company has really worked in every single details of the design to make it look beautiful and at the same time be durable
  2. Hardware & Software :Comes up the latest Android 4.0 with HTC Sense 4 and 1.5GHz processor. It also comes up with  NFC3 and Bluetooth with apt enabled (Bluetooth® 4.0) connectivity.
  3. Features : The unique features that distinguish it from the all the other smartphone in the market is its capability of taking photos while you are recording videos with dedicated separate button on the screen for capturing photos. It also comes up with beat audio technology with which you can get rich and authentic sound when playing music or games, watching movies or videos, or whether your in-car experience.
  4. Battery Life :  As we all know that android powered smartphone don’t give much battery backup. But HTC has looked every aspect of power management in ONE X from the chipset, networking, display, operating system and preloaded applications – all with the goal of making the most efficient use of both power and data consumption. And According to the HTC blog. HTC One X (international) “lasts longer as a 3G hotspot than any Android phone we’ve ever tested.”
  5. Offers : By buying HTC ONE X you would  get 25 GB of Dropbox space free for two years.

Why you should not buy HTC one X ?

The phone costs around RS. 38,000 which is good for the features it offers. But at this price the phone must have a 12MP or 14MP camera but in the case of  ONE X it comes up with 8MP camera only. The other thing which many people find strange in ONE X is that it has no dedicated physical key for capturing photos. I know that HTC wants it be slim enough but at the price of RS.38,000 it has got to have a camera shot physical key. The mini sim-card slot is again a result of the thinness of the phone. So, before you can directly use the sim card in your ONE X . You have to cut the sim and have to leave that part which consist the chip of the sim and then you have to insert it to use it same concept like the iPhone way of installing the sim card. The phone only comes with 32GB onboard memory and no SD-card slot supported. So, that means you have stuck with 32GB memory only.

What I Suggest for HTC ONE X?

By seeing all the pros and cons of  HTC ONE X I will suggest you not to go for it because few days back Samsung launched their flagship smartphone Galaxy S3 which has the same features like One X. And as you might have seen the HTC ONE recommended by Nick Jojola advertisement on your TV set or at YouTube in that HTC shows the main USP of the phone is the it can capture pictures while the video recording is going on. But HTC one X is not the only phone which has got this feature Samsung Galaxy S3 also has come up with this feature.

So, are you still going to buy HTC ONE X or would go for GALAXY S3? Let us Know.

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