Shutdown Your Friend’s Computer Using A Batch File

Shutdown Your Friend’s Computer Using A Batch File

Who doesn’t want to play crazy pranks and freak out their pals? So, one trick for your pleasure. Use this to shutdown your friend’s computer remotely – without him/her knowing. You just need to create simple batch (.bat) file.

shutdown friends pc batch file

What Are Batch Files:

Batch files are files that allow MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows users to create a lists of commands and/or programs to run once the batch file has been executed. For example, a batch file could be used to run frequently run commands, deleting a series of files, moving files, etc. A simple batch file does not require any special programming skills and can be done by users who only know DOS commands.

A good example of a batch file for someone who is more familiar with Windows or the MacOS is to think of a batch file as a shortcut in Windows or an icon on the MacOS. Much like a shortcut, batch files could be used to run one or more commands and/or programs through the command line.

Another example of a very well-known batch file is the autoexec.bat, which is a simple boot file loaded each time the computer is loaded on MS-DOS and early Windows computers. This batch file contained all the necessary commands and programs used to run MS-DOS and Windows each time the computer booted.

How To Use Batch File To Shutdown Your Friends Computer:

The command to shut down the computer from command prompt is “shutdown –s –t XXXX” where X is the time in seconds after which the computer shuts down. To turn off your friends comp just create a batch file with this command and send it to your friend via Gtalk or yahoo messenger. When he opens the file then shut down process starts.

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How To Create Batch Files:

Creating batch files is very easy just open the note pad and type in the commands you want to be executed (each in a new line) and save it as “filename.bat” while saving the file make sure that you select “save as type= all files”

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Some More DOS Commands:

To change a user’s password: net user <username> <new password>

Example: To set the password of Satish as geniushackers the command would be:

net user Satish geniushackers.

Some Screenshots For Better Understanding:

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  1. Why can’t I send this through Gmail? It won’t go through the IM or email. Google apparently wants nothing to do with the batch files.

  2. do u also know how to send them a batch file that freezes there computer till the one who sent it presses any key?

  3. This can be sent from any IM client which supports file transfers. i dont know about aim.If aim supports file transfers then you can play this prank. I will find it and tell you. May be you can use pidigin.
    The main thing in this you should some how get the file clicked by your victim. You can even send it via email. When i first used this 9 people fell in the trap. Post your count….

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