smart case for ipad

smart case for ipad


This is an era of smartness, even our mobiles are getting smarter day be day. New technologies daily keep breaking the day dreams of people with the stunning awesomeness they bring with them. Technology is never gonna sleep!

We have been hearing of smart mobiles, smart watches, and smart televisions even! Have you ever heard about Smart cover? Well, might be yes or no! Recently HTC launched its new flagship device after the last year’s launch HTC One M8. One M8 is the next level of already existing HTC One. 

HTC along with the launch of the new flagship device introduced a revolutionary smart cover for it too. Like first Android device, manufacturer HTC became the first smart cover inventor of the world. Well, it seems that Apple has also now started copying the others brain ideas to attract more peps into the Apple brand.

ipad smart case

Recently a news broke out regarding a patent application filed by the Apple Inc. in regard with the patent rights for the new smart cover. Well, from the diagrams and images that are available on internet today, it is easily predictable that the cover is surely going to be for the iPad of Apple.

The patent application is filed under ‘Integrated visual notification system in an accessory device” by the Apple in the USA office of Patents & Trademark.

The diagrams revealed that the Apple will surely maintain the old tri-fold smart case design for the iPad, but there are going to be a lot of customizations underneath the cover. The images also revealed that Apple will be following the HTC’s basic fundamentals for the working of the smart case.


The cover will possess numerous LED bulbs with low power capabilities that will act as the base for the smart cover. However, Apple might need to release software updates for the iOS, so that the integration can work between the cover and the iPad.

On the other hand, another noticeable point in the diagram is that the Apple is going to copy the Samsung’s S-View case styling for the new iPad’s Smart cover. It is also believed that the new integration will work for the next generation of iPad. So this can be a heart breaking news if Apple announces it officially.

According to Apple’s patent filing report

In some cases, the illumination states can be human readable. For example, the illumination elements can form recognizable words or symbols. In other cases, a series of lights can be used by a user to signify a specific operating state.

Some might still be wondering, what kind of cover it can turn out out to be?  How it looks like? Well, I am making long story short, a smart cover displays the notifications on the cover itself, thus you can see the notifications without switching to the screen and you can easily reject them.

Here is a look to HTC M8’s smart cover!

htc one smart case

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