How to Mute Notification of Particular Instagram Conversation

Instagram has seen a lot of growth of its user base in the past couple of years, since the time Facebook acquired it. Back then Instagram was all about sharing pictures only. And from there it has evolved massively. Not only that, with the new update to the popular photo sharing social networking app, you can

How to Schedule Your Instagram Posts with TakeOff

TakeOff Instagram Scheduler

It has been long time that services like Buffer, SproutSocial, Hootsuite and such have hit the market. In a world where it has become very important to be actively present on social networking sites, where social media has become one of the most powerful media ever, and free too, it is also very important to properly manage your social media

9 Best Instant Messaging Apps For Android

9 Best Instant Messaging Apps For Android

If you have an android phone then these are the 9 best instant messaging apps that will help you stay connected with your friends and family. Whatsapp Whatsapp is globally used by about 2 billion users and is the most popular among all the other apps. It not only allows you to send and receive

Things to Do Before Deleting Social Media Account

Do you want to delete your social media account? Wait! Do not hit the DELETE button right now. You should do something before deleting any social media account. Facebook has become an addiction for everyone. Millions of people put out a lot of time on Facebook. If Facebook is depleting your valuable time by chatting

How to Join Ello without Waiting for Invitation Code

Get an Ello account without registration.

Ello You can surely find this word on your Facebook or Twitter timeline. I am sure, at least one of your friends knows about Ello. But, wait! What is Ello? Do you know? Ello is a simple and clean social network that is being developed by some like-minded artists and designers. The most citable thing

How to Upload Pictures to Instagram without Mobile

Instagram, the most popular image-sharing website, allows users to upload square images only from mobile application. No matter whether you use Windows, Mac or Linux, this was impossible to upload pictures to Instagram. It was also impossible to upload photos from official Instagram website. Let’s assume, someone does not want to use mobile phone to