How to add Emotion Icons (Emoticons) on Facebook


Add Emotions to your Text Emoticons are nothing but the smiley faces that we use often while having a chat or conversation with people online, it is a great way to add something more to your words than just plain old boring text. Emoticons can express amusement, happiness, sadness, anger, sadness, shock, mischievousness and even tears. Facebook […]

Importance of Social Media in Blogging

Social Media

Today Social Media has become a dominant force in marketing world and with each passing day its roots are spreading wide.  It is has become one cost – efficient method to promote websites and blogs by getting you links and huge amounts of traffic. Social media is bound to get your site/blog profits over a […]

How to get rid of Captcha on Orkut – When Posting an image

get rid or orkut captcha

As we know orkut does not allow us to post images to anyone but our friends .Even if we post an image to our friend we have to go through the annoying captcha (captcha is a spam remover technique in which you have to type the distorted words from an image) .Captcha really gets on […]

Orkut:TypeRacer Bot

orkut typeracer bot

The typeracer application is an interesting idea presented in a splendid manner. It encourages, typing practice as it involves competition. The first time I clocked a speed of 47wpm. Not very bad, as it put me second among my friends. The first person had a speed of 56wpm. A peep into the recent high scores […]