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Mass Downloader | The Best Download Accelerator

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MetaProducts Mass Downloader (MD) is a download manager allowing you to transfer individual files (or lists of files) from the Web and FTP sites at the maximum available speed. Multiple channels technology significantly reduces download time.Download resume is supported. Mass Downloader supports a wide range of downloads: from usual and secured (HTTPS) Web sites, FTP

Alternate to Windows Copy Function

alternate to copy paste

Grrrrrrrr……I yelled out because the data being transferred to my computer from the DVD was interrupted due to an error stating”Cyclic Data redundancy…” which means that the DVD/CD writer isn’t able to read the DVD due to bad sectors formed generally due to scratches .Just before this error had popped,3GB of my DVD was already

How To Play RAR Movie Files Without Extracting

play rar movies

Suppose, you downloaded a movie of 4 GB after a long waiting of hours. 4 GB is a huge size, it takes time. You see that your download is completed. What’s next? Grab headphones, turn off the lights and play the movie! Oh, wait. It’s in “.rar” format. Start extracting it… and wait again. Seriously,

All About Gtalk, Shortcuts, Tips

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Everything you need to know about Google talk. All about Gtalk shortcuts and tips, plus hacks. Gtalk Shortcuts And Tips CTRL + Mouse-wheel up/down over input text box: Change the font size of the text box. F9: Open Gmail to send an email to your friend F11: Start a call with your friend F12: Stop