5 Best Microsoft Word Alternatives That Are Free

5 Best Microsoft Word Alternatives That Are Free

Microsoft Office is the most popular user interface for writing and editing variety of files like documents, presentations, spreadsheets, graphics and databases and out of these the most popular is the Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is an industry standard and it is important for small business owners to know there is no point spending money

4 Recently Launched Apps for iPad and Mac

4 Recently Launched Apps for iPad and Mac

If you were offline in the past week, you missed a lot of updates launched by Apple as well as Google. First thing first. Google has launched Android Lollipop, Android TV, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and more others. The second is Apple. Past week was the golden week for Apple lovers. Apple has launched and

Some Best Offline Applications For Google Chromebook Users

Chrome OS is fabricated around the Chrome program, so it requires less assets, subsequently empowering it to begin quicker. Sadly, in spite of its trademark fast performance, Chrome OS still has a real shortcoming. The greater part of the application’s accessible obliges your machine to be online. The workaround for this shortcoming are “Offline applications”,

How to Get Windows 7 like Desktop Gadgets on Windows 10

Uninstall Desktop Gadget

Windows XP was a huge success of Microsoft. Windows 7 was yet another successful version that belongs to Microsoft’s Windows family. Windows has tons of improvements to increase the user experience. Among all the new features of Windows 7, Desktop Gadget is one of the most popular features. By using the Gadget menu, you can

Top 3 Screenshot Sharing Extensions for Chrome

Top 3 Screenshot Sharing Extensions for Chrome

There is no doubt that Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers out there. It has become so much popular because of its simplicity, smooth browsing experience and obviously availability of extensions. We have a huge amount of extensions in Chrome Web Store and anybody can use them without spending a dollar. (Although,

Windows Tweaker – The Best Software to Tweak Windows

Windows Customization

Nobody is perfect. Or, everybody needs more. These are the main reasons why most of the developers work on something what will let users do even more than default system users. The same thing happens with Windows as well. Some people would like to use default Windows settings or visual design and rest of them

How to Install Windows 10 Technical Preview in Virtual Box

Install Windows 10 In virtual box

Do you know about Windows 10? If no, you have already missed a great event by Microsoft. Microsoft has just launched  Windows 10 and conducted the Windows 10 Technical Preview for consumers. Anybody can download the Preview version of Windows 10 and get a completely new experience of Windows.   Microsoft launched several versions of

Best Free Android apps to Check Weather Forecast

Weather Report

Today’s weather changes each minute due to many reasons like increased pollution, global warming etc. Various weather departments used to provide detailed weather report with a 100% certainty. However, today’s weather departments only predict the weather forecast. If you have an important meeting at office, you should check the weather before leaving your home. Mainly, in