Best Facebook Apps for Windows 8 and 8.1

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The in-built Windows App Store works something like Google Play Store of Android. There are tons of apps and games of different categories in Windows App Store. All you need is one Windows Live account to download and install any free or paid application from this store. Facebook is one of the best social networking websites

Best Online Image Editors for Basic and Professional Editing

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Everybody thinks about PhotoShop, when it comes to Image Editing. However, there are tons of other awesome photo editors available for different platform like Windows, Mac and Linux. If you are using Android, iOS, or Windows Phone, you might have already used some image editors on your phone. However, do you know that you can

Best Note Taking Apps for Windows and Mac

Best Note Taking Apps for Windows and Mac

We overlook so many vital things frequently in our everyday’s busy schedule. Millions of people face this same issue. Only few of them take further steps to prevent him/her from forgetting any important task or note. If you are an Android or iOS user, you might have already tried numerous note taking apps. However, what

How to Convert Media Files using VLC Media Player

Well! Generally, VLC media player is used to play your favorite media files i.e. music, video etc. But, do you know that you can use the same media player to convert files from one format to another format? NO? That means, this tutorial is for you. You know that VLC media player is one of

How to Add Mac like Dock in Windows

Virtual Dock in Windows

Windows itself is a pretty good operating system as software availability, price etc. But sometime you may perhaps miss such a feature that will let you find your desired programs even faster. To access frequently used apps faster, Microsoft has included Taskbar in Windows OS. It does not allow users to stick any folder or

Ultimate List of Less Known Free Email Clients for Mac

Email client, Free Email Clients for Mac

If you are Mac user, you might have already tried or used default email client. Although, the in-build email client is really awesome but still, if you need even more features and flexibilities, hence, you can try some third party email clients for Mac. Top 5 email clients for Mac Sparrow This is one of

Top 5 Browser Based Writing Apps

Top 5 Browser Based Writing Apps

Well! Microsoft Office package is available for your favorite operating system i.e. Windows. Nevertheless, do you know that there are so many browser based writing apps those are available at free of cost and they can eliminate those paid apps right away? Although, the following browser based writing apps do not provide all those facilities that regular paid