Some interesting Google searches

Lets talk about Some interesting Google searches. Google has a few special searches that will give you answers instead of listing websites where you might find the answers. Let us see some of the searches here.

Currency Conversion

Google can provide you with instant currency conversions. You can either get the conversion value from one currency to another or see how much a certain amount of currency yields to in another currency.


Google will work as a calculator, all you have to do is type a quick equation and the result will be displayed. Also, now you have a clickable calculator tool for Google, so you can use Google calculator like you’d use a desktop or smartphone calculator app.


IP Address

By typing ‘my ip’, Google will display your IP Address, it’s that simple!


Weather conditions

To know the weather conditions in your city or any other city around the world, just type ‘weather <city name>’ and Google will display the current weather condition as well as the forecast for the week.

Conversion of Units

Like with the calculator, you have clickable tool for unit conversion too, provided by Google. You’ll have to type in the search bar in the form ‘<value> unit1 to unit2’ and the conversion tool will be displayed. You can also do math calculation with unit conversions. The examples for each are given one below the other here,


The current location of any place can be known by searching ‘time <place>’. In case you just type ‘time’, the search will give you the current time of your location.

Sunrise and Sunset time

By searching ‘sunrise <location>’ or ‘sunset <location>’ Google will display the sunrise or sunset time of the specified location. If you do not enter a location, it will display the sunrise or sunset time of your location.

Tracking a package

Tracking your package is easy with Google! FedEx, UPS or USPS tracking number can be directly searched on Google and Google links you to the package tracking page.

Flight Tracking

If you enter the airlines name with the flight number, Google displays the current status of the flight.

Flights between cities

Searching for ‘flights between <city1> and <city2>’ on Google results in display of flight schedules between the given two cities along with the price, duration and airlines. This too is a clickable tool and you can search for flights on any specific day.


If you search for ‘define <word>’, Google provides with dictionary definitions of the given word. There is a ‘speaker icon’ button too, so that you can hear the pronunciation of that word.

Movie schedule

It’s easy to check for movies playing near you. Search for ‘movies <postal code>’ to view the list of movies.


Stock Market information

If you search for a stock, by entering its symbol, Google will display its current price, its price history and also a graph of its price history.


You can view data of a city or country such as population, unemployment rate and so on by searching for it on Google. To know the population of a country, search for ‘population <country>’. Similarly, you can also view the population of a city or state.

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