Review: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro – Touch Screen Android Gadget

Review: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro – Touch Screen Android Gadget

The new Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro is a small version of Xperia X10. X10 mini pro is almost the same as its brother Xperia X10 mini. The difference between them is that the X10 Mini Pro comes with a full QWERTY keyboard,ย  features are basically the same as its predecessor Xperia X10. The mobile offers features of a 2.55โ€ touch screen with different connectivity options. The Sony Xperia X10 will be available in two colors, red and black.

Xperia X10 Mini Pro


X10 mini pro comes in a design very similar to X10. The only difference is its compactness and small size. It comes in dimensions of 90x52x17 mm weighing about 120 grams. Below the screen are the Call, Select and End/Power buttons. On the right is a volume adjuster and secondary camera. The primary camera is on the rear with a LED flash. The bottom of mobile is crowded with a 3.5mm standard audio jack, a microUSB port and a microSD card slot.

The phone comes with TFT touch screen 2.55โ€ in diagonal size. The mobile supports 16M colors with a screen resolution of 240×320 pixels. The mobile has a sliding QWERTY keyboard offering a great messaging experience to heavy texters. Keys are good in size and are well spaced. In addition to the QWERTY keyboard, the mobile offers onscreen keyboard in landscape mode and an alphanumeric keyboard in portrait mode.

Telephone Experience:

The phone comes with Android 1.6 operating system with a number of in-built apps, widgets and software. Sony Ericsson has integrated its own platform into Android to give a perfect experience to users. User interface is very good and users have access to Android market for downloading themes, apps and wallpapers. One touch access to different applications is provided by widgets that can be configured and are available on home screen. The mobile comes with many Google apps and connectivity to world famous social networks as well.

The phone is powered by a lithium ion battery that can provide 4 hours talk time on a 2G network and a talk time of 3.5 hours on a 3G network. Xperia X10 Mini Pro gives a standby time of 285 hours on a 2G network and 360 hours on a 3G network.

Phone Management:

The phone comes with the choice to store practically unlimited phonebook entries with the storage of practically unlimited call records as well. The mobile comes with an impressive internal memory of 128 GB and has a microSD card of 2GB storage. The memory can be extended up to 16GB with a microSD memory card.

Multimedia quality:

The X10 Mini Pro provides a great multimedia player. Most of Sony Ericsson Mobiles have The phone can play a number of audio and video formats. The phone can support audio formats such as AAC, MP3, AAC+, WAV and WMA. The phone can support video formats such as MPEG-4, H.263, H.264 and WMV. The handset also includes the feature of FM radio with RDS feature. The mobile comes with optional Hi-Fi headset and portable stereo speakers MS450 which add a lot to audio experience.

Images and Camera:

The phone does not sound much interesting to this point but camera is a feature that will really change the opinion of many users. The phone comes with an excellent 5MP camera with the resolution of 2560×1920 pixels. The camera includes advanced features like LED flash, auto focus and digital zoom. The phone also has Sony Ericsson Album application, Geotagging feature and is equipped with an editor with basic picture editing features.

The camera also supports video recording and a positive point about video camera is the availability of video light. The phone records videos at a rate of 30 frames per second.
Xperia X10 Mini


This is an Android phone, which is equipped with IM and social network integration along with a HTML browser. Browser is another good feature of this phone; the browser offers a quick response and an easy to use interface. The browser shows different buttons on screen when the screen is tapped once. The phone cannot support flash video but will be supporting it in the new version of Android 2.1.

Video Review:


Some of the important features are reviewed here:

  • A touch screen with good resolution that can support 16M colors.
  • 3G network support.
  • A fast processor adding to good telephone experience.
  • An excellent camera with LED flash and good image results.

61 thoughts on “Review: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro – Touch Screen Android Gadget”

  1. Hey friends can u plz finally tel me d app name for……….

    1l. Selecting multiple no of files using biuetooth
    2) how to zoom during photography
    3) increasing battery life.
    We can manage our files by using gallary++ app.

  2. go in market apps and find efile….it willl help you put in one of your corners…it will rally help you moving files coping and deleting files..with multiple selection… yes battery is also a problem but f9 ….hey and can ne1 give me an app so tht i can you timer in camera for self picture.

  3. Planning to buy an X10 mini pro. But after reading all these, i m compelled to rethink. Any suggestions for me guys? and nokia c6 is best about this phone?

  4. Can anybody clear about zoom option some body says it works,some body its not works i am also trying but i cant succeeded..

  5. Im getting a lil confused now… can you zoom or not zoom? Ive had it for a week now and i cant find a way to zoom with the cam. The only bad thing ive notised about it is the battery life. Have to charge it everyday…
    But back to the cam. How can i zoom?

  6. uols..i dove have the same problem,but about the bluetooth i download n installed it in my phone..aftre that,I can easily transfer my files to others..but then do yo know how to use 3G (Video Call) using that phone??

  7. I like my xp pro, however it does lack some basic features, couldnt give a shit about a zoom, bluetooth transfer isnt possible without an app. also i cant seem to connect to the net without my wifi connection at home,, is any 1 else having this problem,, any suggestions????

    • I am using new version of Android 2.1 and in this I dont find such problem!
      The only thing I am dissatisfied with this phone is, it is not providing me file manager or something like that which can make new folders to diversified things and Image library is also synchronizing all photos together! Even my private photos!

      But over all good experience with this phone!

    • S Rossi i do hav da same problem
      Usually sony mobiles didnt hav zoom 4 fotos but in xperia it doesn’s hav zoom 4 video also
      bluetooth also not connecting

      • Thank you so much Satish
        Actually I was looking for a 5mp, android phone. In that case Xperia X10 mini pro was ideal for me. Another one I shortlisted is LG GW620. It has front cam too. Any idea about this? especially on the perfomance of the camera?

    • Ple do not buy this phone. I am crying after getting this phone.
      1. Keep charging can not possible at all time. So some time ur mobile may be off because of battery low.
      2. Having all features you can not use fully considering battery saving. Than wat is the purpose of having this model.

      Think & buy another model

    • This is a very cool phone. I think most of the problems as stated above are ID10T errors. This phone has a 97/100 rating in USA… and you can download an app that will make your phone do what you want it to do. Stop griping and start reading up on your phone… it has a manual and thousands of pages of info on internet

  8. Hello guys.. Plz update ur phone to android 2.1 ur bluetooth file transfer wil b solved n more option wil be der. For bettr battry life see user support.. And tis s the best mobile…

  9. Is everyone commenting here gone mad?…….i have mini pro,and it is so fcking awesome,excellent battery life…4 days in 1 charge,very responsive touch,great camera….even at night…and it does have zoom…u noobs.Just hold the screen 4 activating the virtual zoom slider,and 4 the bluetooth transfer… the android or fone manual noobs,also OS 2.1 eclair is now avilable

    • Please explain the process to use the zoom during photography from this phone as per your words. OCz i dont find the option and the manufacturer himself says that the camera can not zoom.

    • hey nirav i want to buy sony xperia x10 mini pro but it has no zooming option while taking picture or making video,
      but u said that it has a vertual zoom? what is this?
      can u pls tall me abt this….

      • Vertual zoom feature is explained in below mentioned video link!

        And I dont know, which phone Mr. Nirav is using because it has some problems as mentioned in other comments! I am using one! Camera is good, not awesome but quite satisfactory! The major problem I consider with it, is of file manager and music player! Trying to find good apps for replacement of by default application but yet not have found any; as far in my reference!

        Yes battery life as well is problamatic because it consumes lot of in display so most of the time I have to keep it in energy saving mode! But not much problematic for me as such!

    • hi nirav6369,

      ya i agree with you but regarding the battery life, others comment is quite supportive. i dont know, how much u use ur phone, but for me, i only text, recieve call and looko at the apps. the battery life is not at all good. need to charge every day, else evrythin s quite fine.

    • I thing you have kept the mobile is silent mode or flight mode. If you have do like this only ur battery will extends upto 4 days. Dont comment wrongly.

    • hw come u get 4 days battery lyf? everybody complains bout it’s poor battery lyf..wat care did u take wen u 1st got d fone..hw many hrs did u charge before usin it for d 1st time?

  10. Hello,
    I am using sony x 10 mini pro recently I brought it the battery life is very poor often I hzve to put charge and the cost is also high.

    • The ‘default’ battery settings are poor, but if you read up a little on how to alter the settings here and there it can be improved dramatically. (I get 2-3 days per charge)

  11. I am fed up with this phone The worst part is No setting when u gonna take the pic No resolution no Smile shot No Face detectation My god worst camera ever by Sony I don,t belive Sony made this phone…. ๐Ÿ™

  12. never been so downcast on a sony ericsson purchase as i am with my new x10 mini, no gprs settings and it wn’t connect to the internet, no bluetooth, no accss to my files, cannot read my pdf, cannot create a playlist…miss my old w910.
    what can this phone do without internet really???

  13. what is terrible about the phone:
    1- no zoom wile shooting and no camera options at all !!!
    2- as everybody says very low battery life
    3- so defficult to use bluetooth (if you SE want us to use it so hard dont add the feature next time)
    4- media really as hell (so noisy earphones and no equalizer in player !!! SHIT!!)

    and what’s good about the device :
    1- nice design and small size
    2- admirable OS
    3- good speed while using and surfing the phone.
    4- the hope behind the new update to hold … …. …. …

  14. The main draw back is sound & battery in sony i never expect this much low sound as well as battery it’s not giving 1day also. unwantedly the battery discharging for display & cell standby & phone idle i dont know y its taking. pls do sumthing 4 this issue. if this problem resolved means all r love this X10mini ………… i hope sony will give the solution soon im waiting 4 reply

  15. Dear All,
    I also face that all problems from X10 mini pro
    Why we are waiting for. some active step we have to take up agains this



  17. i was a big fan of sony… but this set is really sucking……..

    battery life is very poor…
    sometimes the touch screen does not work.. i bought it 2 days back…

    feeling very bad… i was looking for a sony set bcoz of its sound quality …. but the sound quality is not good… no sound setting options are there… browser is not that gud…

    i hope the next update of OS would bring something better.. otherwise will never go for sony again….

  18. X10 mini pro is not as bad as you say. I love it.

    The battery life issue. I am used to send and receive about 150 sms a day with some few calls. I only charge my x10 at night and the battery lasts ALL DAY. You know why? Go to settings and decrease your screen light and that stuff. It makes a hell of a difference. Try it.

    The sound is pretty normal to me. I keep the sound of my message ring and calling ring at like…. 2/5 and I can hear it perfectly well. If I put it at maximum… Damn it gets loud. So, I don’t understand the sound issue, sorry.

    As for qualities:
    It is fast. I can type a message really fast.
    It never “freezes” and gets all nuts.
    The message conversation: It actually shows the entire conversation you are having with a friend just like in windows live messenger!
    The camera as 5.0 mega pixels, and damn it’s good. It also has many other settings that you can enjoy. Pretty handy.
    The QWERTY keyboard is perfect.
    Among many others.

    Anyways, that is just my opinion.

  19. i hv buy x10 mini pro yesterday,, and really not very satisfied… in respect to ders no phone profiles,, no application for memory card items
    and offcorse btterry is nt good too,, also the scroller button only works for ringer tone,, ders only a single way to receive incoming calls (what rubbish)…
    hopefully looking forward to solve all these problems with updating the software..

  20. I’ve just bought X10 mini pro.
    -battery is really low
    -sound is also low
    one big problem, i have turned it of for a few hours after i just recharged it full, then for a while i could not turn it on until next day i could turn it on but it was in low battery again.

  21. Hi guys,

    I just bought a new Xperia X10 Mini Pro, however the first issue that struck me within hours of buying is I’m unable to connect with GPRS. I use AIRTEL. Then the next one is bluetooth transfer trust me after 4 hours of trying I could not transfer one single file. but I’m able ot pair. Can any one help me resolve this issue atleast the Buletooth issue. I urgently need help feel frustrated with a new device.

    Please contact me at


  22. Hi To All My Friends,

    Here some of the Drawbacks in X10 mini pro /x10 mini(Xperia)

    1.No Zoom on camera
    2.No Camera settings (like brightness,contrast.etc)
    3.Cannot stretch the video to full screen
    4.Transfer of files via bluetooth is too slow in process.
    5.So trouble in usage.
    6.Sound is also so low.
    7.I am in doubted, whether 3G supports to internet bcoz net speed also slow.
    8.Rate of the mobile is very high

    Advantage of Xperaia is not huge other than its compact design.
    And these typesof drawbacks were found only when i loss my money on this poor mobile.

    So friends have a thinking before chossing mobiles at high rate.

    Wity cryingly,

    Poor X10 pro handler

  23. The battery life is the WORST I’ve seen on ANY phone EVER! Fully charged in the morning and around lunchtime it will be one third! ONE THIRD! Used only to call once (short) and probably 5 sms! ONE THIRD of battery left by around 1pm! TOO BAD! I expected too much ๐Ÿ™

  24. Sir,

    Im facing the following problems on my Sony Xperia x10 mini pro:

    1. No FLASH support in the internet browser.
    2.NO BLUE TOOTH FILE TRANSFER can take place.
    3.Poor BATTERY life.

    Please tell me, can the above problems be fixed in the future os updates?
    please let me know asap.
    and thanks in advance.

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