Sony Launches Underwater Xperia AquaTech Store (Photos)

Sony Launches Underwater Xperia AquaTech Store (Photos)

Sony has taken a step further in marketing its Xperia smartphones by doing something that no one has ever though of doing. Sony has launched it very first underwater Xperia AquaTech store in Dubai. The store is 4 meters deep in the water and is open to competition winners, VIPs and media and not to anyone else.

This store was due to be opened on 3rd December but due to some weather conditions, the launch was delayed for a day and it was opened yesterday, on 4th December, 2014. The Xperia AquaTech store is going to stay open for 3 days and some lucky people are going to experience the underwater store!

Though the store is only open for 3 days, it is a great marketing tactic that Sony has implemented to promote its already successful Xperia line of smartphones.

To visit Sony Xperia AquaTech Store, the people will need some basic scuba diving training and it will be provided to them in the swimming pool. Once this is over, the people will then be taken to the AquaTech Store and each person will be accompanied by a certified diving instructor.

Once you get in the store, you will be shown some of the Xperia devices and there will be a Sony representative who will show the demo of these Xperia series smartphones. Now if you are wondering about the fact Xperia Z3 is not waterproof beyond 1.5 meters, so if you own a Z3 or Z3 Compact, then you don’t need to worry as you will be provided a special waterproof case to protect your precious smartphone from the underwater pressure.

Here are some of the images taken from the store and around depicting the experience of the Xperia AquaTech store. Let’s have a look!

Photos of Sony Xperia AquaTech Store:

sony xperia aquatech store
Welcome to a Great Experience.
sony xperia aquatech store
The Island!
sony xperia underwater aquatech store
Selfie Time!
sony xperia aquatech store
The Pool cum Training Area!
sony xperia aquatech store
Returning from Xperia AquaTech Store!
sony xperia aquatech store
Scuba Diving Suits!
sony xperia aquatech store
Scuba Diving Training Begins!
sony xperia aquatech store
They are enjoying it!

I know that there won’t be any such stores near us but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to experience it one day. I am pretty damn sure that now Sony is going to launch such underwater Xperia AquaTech store all over the world and build a lot of engagement and following for its smartphone series.

Meanwhile you need to tell us what you think about this innovative idea of Sony to market its devices. Do you think that the underwater Sony Xperia AquaTech store is going to work? Let us know!

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