Sony Playstation 3 Slim – The blu-ray Player


Video gaming consoles have become much more than being used just for gaming. The Playstation 3 Slim is not only one of the best high-definition gaming systems, but also functions as a Blu-ray player, as well as an up-converting DVD player, an Internet browser, and a streaming media player.

The Playstation 3 is packed full of features designed to not only provide a great gaming experience, but also to provide a great home theatre and Internet browsing experience. As you might expect, all of the games offered for the PS3 are high-definition, which makes gameplay super realistic and sharp, especially when connected to high definition flat screen.

Features and Specifications of Sony Playstation 3:

The PS3 doubles as a Blu-ray player, which is a big advantage. But it’s not any old average Blu-ray player – it’s widely considered one of the best on the market. With the average cost of good Blu-ray players ranging between $100 to $300, the savings that users get by investing in the PS3 quickly start becoming apparent. But if they want to have an extensive DVD collection that they haven’t tossed out yet, PS3 can not only play them, but up-converts them to a higher quality, making them look even better than they did the day you bought them. This console has built-in Wi-Fi, which allows you to connect to a wide variety of streaming video services. This doesn’t save you money directly, but having access to subscription streaming services means that you could potentially cut your cable services. If they would rather skip the subscription services, they can easily download contents like movies, games, and more directly to their PS3 from the Playstation Store at a cost per download. Sony even added a fully functional web browser to the mix, allowing easy access to Internet-based content such as YouTube and Facebook.

Major Flaw of Sony Playstation 3 : 

The only major flaw with the PS3 is its lack of backwards compatibility with PS2 games. Sony’s big advantage over many of the other gaming platforms throughout the years was the ability to play past generation titles on the new platform, but not on this one.

Also, the Bluetooth connectivity of the wireless remote isn’t really a problem, but the lack of an infra-red detector for non-Bluetooth remote is. This means that in order to control PS3, user need to buy expensive remote from Sony directly or another Bluetooth remote manufacturer.

Sony did itself a huge disservice by not making the Playstation 3 Slim a backwards-compatible console that could play PS2 games, but with all the other cost-saving features, this is something that can be easily overlooked.


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