Sony Xperia P vs Sony Xperia Arc S vs Sony Xperia Sola : Detailed Xperia Comparison

Sony Xperia has a number of mid-range Smartphones. They almost always figure in most top ten Smartphone lists of the price range. Three such phones are Sony Xperia Arc S, Xperia Sola and Xperia P. They are all Android Smartphones and quite new in the market. Consumers and critics have already given raving reviews of all three. But how do they measure up against each other? Does one perform significantly better than the other or do they all finish close to each other? Here is a comparison of the three.

Sony Xperia P vs Sony Xperia Arc S vs Sony Xperia Sola Images

Sony Xperia P
Sony Xperia P
Xperia Arc S
Xperia Arc S
Sony Xperia Sola
Sony Xperia Sola


Sony Xperia Arc S has a 4.2-inch screen which is pretty large for any Smartphone, but Xperia P too is almost as good with its 4-inch display; Xperia Sola has a smaller screen of only 3.7 inches. All three have TFT LCD capacitive touchscreens. Resolution of Xperia P is 540x960p while both Xperia Sola and Xperia Arc S have resolution of 854x480p. But Arc S has 233ppi pixel density, while Xperia Sola has 264ppi and Xperia P has that of 275ppi. So, Sola and P have sharper display.


All three phones have characteristic Sony Xperia designs with square edges and neat look. Xperia P has an aluminium body which gives it a sturdy feel. Xperia Arc S disappoints with its glossy plastic cover that makes it look cheap and the chrome finish on sides look far from sophisticated. Xperia Sola has a straight edged candy bar with soft touch finish on its back cover. It may not appear fashionable, but it looks very professional.


Xperia Sola has a 1320mAh Li-ion battery that affords talk time of 6 hours and standby time of 19.6 days. Xperia P has a 1305mAh Li-ion battery which gives 5 hours’ talk time and 19.8 days standby time. Xperia Arc S is decidedly better than these two: it has a 1500mAh Li-polymer unit that allows 7.5 hours’ talk time, although its standby time is a little less than the other two, at 19.2 days.


Xperia P had Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) which was upgraded to Android 4.0 ICS; a Jellybean update is being planned. Xperia Sola runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but it too is about to get an Android ICS update. Arc S was upgraded to Android ICS from Gingerbread, but it cannot be upgraded to JellyBean. All phones provide exclusive Android experience.


Xperia Arc S has a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and 1.4GHz Scorpion processor along with 512 of RAM. It also has a 8MP rear camera and a 720p HD front camera for video call. Xperia Sola has a NovaThor U8500 chipset with a dual-core Cortex A9 CPU clocked at 1GHz with 512MB RAM. It has a 5MP rear camera and a 720p HD front camera. Xperia P has the same hardware as Xperia Sola, but it has 1GB of RAM. It also has a 8MP rear camera and a 1080p HD front camera.


Xperia Sola: Rs. 19999 Xperia Arc S: Rs. 22999 Xperia P: Rs. 22990


All three phones run on Android and have access to Google Play Store. So, all three devices have almost equal number of apps at their disposal. However, some apps are compatible only with ICS or higher, or some with jellybean or higher. For these, Xperia P will miss out.

Pros and Cons

Xperia P: Pros:

  • NFC support
  • 275ppi screen
  • 1GB RAM


  • Gingerbread at launch

Xperia Arc S: Pros:

  • 8MP camera
  • 1.4GHz processor
  • 1500mAh battery


  • No front camera

Xperia Sola: Pros:

  • NFC support
  • 8 GB internal storage
  • Dual core


  • Gingerbread at launch


All the phones belong to the same series: Sony’s flagship Xperia. Despite that, they are unique. Xperia Arc S has a good camera (8MP), has a good battery,  is thin and comfortable to hold at 9mm. So, it easily trumps Xperia Sola even though it has dual core CPU and a sharp display. But Sony Xperia P is a clear winner in this comparison. Apart from NFC capabilities, 16GB of internal storage and dual core CPU, it has 1MB RAM, HD video playback and a very sharp display.

Which phone do you think is the best among these Xperia smartphones? Feel free to share your choice with us.

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