Sony Xperia SL Vs iPhone 5

The smart phone market which was revolutionized and ruled by Apple for a good part of the last decade, for the time, has come under pressure, thanks to the fast-developing and advanced technologies that are incorporated by its contemporaries. This is evident in Apple increasing the size of its latest version of the iPhone, iPhone 5 which Apple was traditionally against. Now, there are plenty of phones in the market which are up in arms against Apple and strongly so too. Sony’s latest Xperia SL is one such phone which has incorporated all those marquee features of a high-end smart phone and in the process has become one of the key competitors in this segment. The following review tries to bring out those subtle distinctions between the two phones while considering all the essential features. This article is based on Sony Xperia SL Vs iPhone 5.

Sony Xperia SL Vs iPhone 5

Sony Xperia SL Vs iPhone 5 Comparisons

#1 Operating System

The iPhone 5 runs on the latest version of the iOS series, iOS 6, while the Xperia SL runs on the relatively older Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. The iOS 6 as claimed by Apple is much faster and responsive than its previous version. The key essential add-ons are the Twitter-Facebook integration, upgraded iCloud service and iMessage, iBooks PDF reader.

In the battle between Sony Xperia SL vs Apple iPhone 5, the operating system in the former is the weakest link. The later versions of Android like the Jelly Beans are a better force against the Apple iOS 6. Also, another key advantage of iOS 6 over Android 4.0.4 is that the iOS has a much better hardware and software integration.

Winner: Apple iPhone 5 takes down Xperia SL due to its more recent version of iOS.

#2 Processor and RAM 

Apple iPhone 5 uses its own chipset, A6, for its processor. Apple seems rather conservative in terms of its processing unit, although the improved performance is 2x over 4s as promised by the company. The chip has a traditional architecture for CPU and hits the clock speed of 1.2 GHz. While, Sony Xperia SL uses Qualcomm MSM8260 Snapdragon for for its chipset with the maximum clock speed of1.7 GHz which is relatively higher than Apple. Both the phones come with a 1GB RAM though.

Although, there have been complaints about the Android operating systems being less responsive when pushed to the limits, the high processing capacity of Sony Xperia SL augments it well resulting in a comparatively higher processing capabilities. In this race of Sony Xperia SL Vs iPhone 5, Sony is better.

Winner: Sony Xperia SL takes down iPhone 5 due to its much advanced processor and chip-set of clock 1.7 Ghz.

#3 Display

This is most touted upon feature of the new iPhone. The increase in the display screen clearly depicts a sense of insecurity within Apple to be able to stay afloat in the market. As many Pundits point out, Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple, was always against increasing the size of the phone and the recent increment in the screen size of the iPhone after the death of the Company’s Chief nearly substantiates the argument.

sony xperia sl vs iphone 5 display

Apple iPhone 5 comes with the display size of 4.0 inches as compared to the 4.3 inches of Sony Xperia SL. Both the phones use LED supported by backlights for its display. The pixel per density of Sony Xperia SL at 342 ppi is higher than Apple’s 326 ppi. The revolutionary retina display that has been part of all the Apple devices since its inception is an added advantage. The increased screen size of the new iPhone enables the user to browse and view more things more than before.

Winner: Xperia SL stands a winner, featuring 342 ppi screen with in-built Sony mobile Bravia Engine and white pure technology for a better view in even sunlight beating iPhone 5 retina display.

#4 Memory

The Sony Xperia SL comes with an internal storage of 32 GB which no provision for expansion while iPhone 5 comes in variations of 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. The variation available in the iPhone is a plus but other than that, there are no other clear distinctions between the two phones in terms of the memory. In the aspect of memory in the Sony Xperia SL Vs iPhone 5, both have same value.

Winner: Tie. As normally 32 GB version of iPhone is on sale a lot than other versions and as Xperia SL features in-built 32 GB storage already so no winner in this category.

#5 Camera : Sony Xperia SL Vs iPhone 5 in camera aspect

Camera has become an integral part of the smart phones over the years and it has become one of the deciding parameters between two smart phones. Considering these, Sony Xperia SL is a clear winner hands down. Its back camera is rated at 12 mega pixels as compared to 8 mega pixels in Apple iPhone 5. The increased pixels results in a much better resolution in Xperia SL than iPhone.

iphone 5 features

Although, both the phones allows for HD recording, Xperia SL is no comparison to Apple’s much lesser rate. Besides, the secondary camera for Xperia SL is rated at 1.3 mega pixels which is slightly greater than Apple’s 1.2 mega pixels. Apart from these high-end configurations, Xperia SL boasts of features like, geo-tagging, 3D sweep panorama, image stabilization which further broadens the already big gap between both phones in terms of the camera capabilities.

Winner : Sony Xperia SL due to its more megapixels in camera resolutions and presenting much finer pics than iPhone 5.

#6 Connectivity

Both the phones have left no stones unturned in connectivity technologies. From 3G, 4G, NFC, WLAN and you name it, both the phones have it. The difference however lies in the speed and efficiency of the data transmission using these technologies. Being a pioneer, Apple knows what it takes to woo the customers and one way it does that is by having a much faster transmission rates.

Xperia SL features

The Apple iPhone 5 is equipped with two separate transmission chips, one for the sending and one for receiving the data packets. This makes the entire process less convoluted resulting in very low distortion and consequently higher transmission rates. In this aspect of Sony Xperia SL Vs iPhone 5, Apple wins the race.

Winner: In this Sony Xperia SL Vs iPhone 5 race, Apple is better.

#7 Battery

iPhone 5 comes with a battery capacity of 1440 mAh and Xperia SL comes with the capacity of 1750 mAh. On paper, Xperia SL clearly has the upper hand, but pragmatically, with the Android multi-tasking and other apps running in the background, the battery life of Xperia SL even with this better power is challenged. While, in the iPhone, this aspect is well-managed and is sure to give you a better battery performance than Xperia SL solely because of its better management with the multi-tasking techniques.

Xperia SL vs iPhone 5 battery comparisons

Winner:  Apple iPhone 5 wins the race for its ability to browse web on Wi-Fi for about 10 hrs as compared to 6 hours on Xperia SL as seen AT smartphone bench 2013.

#8 Media and Entertainment

As it was already pointed out, Sony Xperia SL runs on the relatively older Android version which means that apps available for the phone will be limited to that version. In this Sony Xperia SL Vs iPhone 5, Apple iphone is better.

On the other hand, Apple iPhone 5 runs on the latest version of its iOS series. The apps and other auxiliary entertainment features available are surplus in both the phones.

But, technically speaking, Apple iPhone attributing to its latest OS, has better options for media and entertainment. Besides, the revolutionary retina display in iPhone 5 provides that extra room for the app developers to become more ambitious in sophisticating the interface which results in a better user experience. Although, Sony Xperia SL has its own indigenous Playstation store for gaming, it is very well compensated by Apple’s ground breaking Siri and its advanced OS.

Winner: Apple iPhone 5 stands winner having much more apps and more developing support than Xperia SL.

#9 Price

This is the ultimate deciding factor for the majority of the population which is choosing the right smart phone for them within their budget. The term ‘Cost-effective’ is tailor-made for this distinction and this is one facet where Apple has continuously refused to compromise resulting in the loss of many potential customers. iPhone 5 comes at the whopping price of  $849 while the Sony Xperia SL comes at $519.

The difference between the prices speaks volumes for itself and it is a parameter which Sony Xperial SL wins hands down, in the race with Sony Xperia SL Vs iPhone 5.

Winner:  Sony Xperia SL having a lot great features as compared to iPhone 5 and being available at much cheaper price with trusted quality from Sony, stands here a winner.

Final Verdict on Sony Xperia SL Vs iPhone 5 Comparisons

Apple is really the pioneer when it comes to the smart phones in Sony Xperia SL Vs iPhone 5, and it had managed to stay at the top with no rivals in the vicinity until the new decade. With all the recent developments, phone makers have made rapid advances and managed to spice up the competition with Apple like never before. However, they all have only succeeded to close up the gap between them and Apple.

With all the new technologies (like Siri), Apple has still managed to keep up the aesthetics. The fact that you are reading this review means that iPhone 5 interests you enough despite that high price and so, if you can shell out those extra bucks, go ahead and pamper yourself with the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone!

But if you are a price worth user than Xperia SL surely is the best choice for you when a smartphone is considered. Though Apple is Apple but Sony has done a great commendable job with Xperia SL and has a grown a market for itself.

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