Nexus 7 vs Surface vs iPad3

After apples success with iPad, it looks like all the big names want a share in the market. Recently Microsoft announced their own tablet pc, Surface, based on Windows 8 RT and Windows 8 Pro and now Google announced the 7 inch Nexus 7 tablet pc in Google I/O conference. This is not less than the world war in Tablet market as all big company such as Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Apple and so on join the race to compete with each other.

Google Nexus 7 is the most anticipated android tablet which will go for sell at the price of $199 for 8GB and $249 for the 16GB model. The price is very competitive because the Nexus 7 will be the first tablet to have the next Androd OS, Jelly Bean. We also remember that last year Amazon’s Kindle Fire went for sell with same price and device become superhot gadget of the year. We have here, head to head comparison on specification between Microsoft’s Surface, Google’s Nexus 7 and Apple’s iPad 3. Check out what is the best tablet for your pocket.

Design & Display

Google’s Nexus 7

iPad 3 is better looking tablet pc, especially when it comes in white, however small size of Nexus 7 looks elegant whereas Microsoft’s Surface also looks good but not as appealing as iPad and Nexus. The major difference can be found in display where iPad 3 includes retina display which can’t compare with smaller tablet, Nexus 7 whereas Surface brings ClearType HD display. Nexus 7 where 7 denotes the its display size i.e. 7-inch display with 1280×800 resolution, iPad 3 has the high resolution 2048×1536 retina display of 9.7 inch screen whereas Surface tablet has 10.6 inch display. Here Microsoft’s Surface is heavier than other two tablets with weighted 676gm whereas iPad 3 slightly lighter with 653gm and much lighter is Nexus 7, only weighted 340gm. Microsoft’s smart move of including the detachable keyboard can work in their favor.


Google Nexus 7 brings the 1.3 GHz, quad-core Tegra 3 processor, a GeForce 12-core GPU which is probably more or less faster and smoother than ARM and Intel Mobile processor and Nvidia Tegra 3 processor of Microsoft’s Surface. Apple brings their own native processor 1GHz Apple A5X which is quad-corein their iPad 3. Process only does not boost the speed of the tablet, RAM too matter, Nexus 7 and iPad 3 both sports with 1GB on-board.

Operating System

All there company has their own operating system for Tablet. Microsoft equipped their Surface with Windows 8 RT and Windows 8 Pro, Apple brings iOS 5 in iPad 3 which will later updated with iOS 6 and Google will have latest version of Android OS, Jelly Bean.


Microsoft’s Surface Tablet With Keyboard

Google’s Nexus 7 will have the storage capacity of 8GB and 16GB, Apple’s iPad 3 comes with 16GB, 32GB or 64GB storage capacity. Here Microsoft’s Surface brings huge storage capacity starting with 32GB to 64GB and 128GB with microSD card slot which is missing in Apple’s iPad 3 and Google’s Nexus 7.

Battery Life

Apple’s iPad 3 deliver huge battery life with incredible 11,560 mAh whereas Nexus 7 has 4,325mAh and Surface has max 4,200mAh. This is probably because of retina display available in iPad 3 and runs video for upto 10 hours.


Apple’s iPad 3 a.k.a. The New iPad

Google’s Nexus 7 is very competitive and budgeting tablet pc in compare to all others with price tag of $199 for 8GB and $249 for 16GB. There is no any word for pricing of Microsoft’s Surface tablet whereas Apple’s iPad 3 is expensive among all with starting of $599.

Overall, Microsoft still need more to power up their tablet to gain the targeted audience whereas Google will not struggle for this as the tablet is itself very budgeting and brings high-end specification. It is now time for Apple to change the pricing of their tablet in order to remain on track.

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