open all files with bat command

Everyone has some standard list of programs, which he starts when logs on to his computer. It’s a waste of time to start each program individually; today we are going to learn how to start all your favorite programs with a single click using batch files. Those of you who don’t know what batch files are may check this post to find out what they are.

Batch Programming Basics

I usually use Dreamweaver, Mozilla Firefox, and pidgin immediately after I login to my computer. So let us see how to create a batch file to start the above three programs with a single click.

open all files with bat command

First open notepad and type the following lines

CD “C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Dreamweaver CS3”

start Dreamweaver.exe

cd “C:Program FilesPidgin”

start Pidgin.exe

cd “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefox”

start firefox.exe

Here cd switches the control to the directory following it and start command is used to start the program in that directory. You can add any number of programs to this list.
Once you have added all your favorite programs to this list, save it a startup.bat or any other name of your choice and double-click on that batch file you created just now to start all your favorite programs.
If you have any problems in creating the batch files feel free to drop in a comment here.

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