How to Schedule Your Instagram Posts with TakeOff

TakeOff Instagram Scheduler

It has been long time that services like Buffer, SproutSocial, Hootsuite and such have hit the market. In a world where it has become very important to be actively present on social networking sites, where social media has become one of the most powerful media ever, and free too, it is also very important to properly manage your social media […]

5 Best Material Design Apps That you Should Try Right Now

Material Design

Ever since the launch, Android fans have been going crazy over the much anticipated Material Design. And one must say, Material Design is probably the biggest upgrade to Android look-wise since inception. The philosophies behind the construction of this design concept is just stunning. Smooth transitions, simple interfaces, good usability and playful, what else does an app need to make […]

How to Set Any Video as Live Wallpaper on Android

Android has few popular and very interesting features. Live Wallpaper is one of them. Actually, live wallpaper is nothing but a .gif image. That means you can easily set preloaded animation or some .gif images in your mobile background without having any issue. Although, it consumes a lot of battery than static wallpaper, yet, there […]

How to Access GOM Player for Windows from Android and iOS


Are you are a GOM Player user? If YES and want to access GOM Player for Windows remotely from Android and iOS, here is a solution. Sometime we play a song and go to another room. Hence, your music player plays the song oftentimes. If it is your favorite song, everything is fine. However, if, […]

Best Yoga Apps Out There for Smartphones in 2015

Yoga started from India but virally got popular in other countries around the world. The reason behind its immense popularity is the relief it provides at physical and mental level which is much required these days. If you also wish to start doing Yoga then one tough thing ahead is to find a best trainer […]

9 Best Instant Messaging Apps For Android

9 Best Instant Messaging Apps For Android

If you have an android phone then these are the 9 best instant messaging apps that will help you stay connected with your friends and family. Whatsapp Whatsapp is globally used by about 2 billion users and is the most popular among all the other apps. It not only allows you to send and receive […]

5 Best Android News Apps

Android apps are there to help you out in every aspect of your life. If you have been missing out on the most important news of the world just because you are too busy in your office, then Android has the perfect solution for you. Android has some of the best news app for its […]

DU Battery Saver App for Android to Improve Battery Life

du battery saver android app

Android devices are amazing and the fact the 85% of smartphone market share is acquired by Android speaks for its popularity. You can do most of the things using variety of applications on your device but one of the most annoying things about Android is its battery life. A lot of applications keep on running […]