Best Free Android apps to Check Weather Forecast

Weather Report

Today’s weather changes each minute due to many reasons like increased pollution, global warming etc. Various weather departments used to provide detailed weather report with a 100% certainty. However, today’s weather departments only predict the weather forecast. If you have an important meeting at office, you should check the weather before leaving your home. Mainly, in

Top 5 Apps for Rooted Android Phone

Custom Recovery Mode

Android Rooting is the starting point of Android development. A rooted Android device can do more than a regular device. For instance, you can ameliorate the performance of your mobile phone through rooting. Battery backup also gets better after rooting. The most important point is that you can use Custom ROM. See Also: 7 Reasons

Top 10 Android Wear Compatible Apps for Daily Life

Top 10 Android Wear Compatible Apps for Daily Life

You might have already heard about Android Wear, the revolution in wearable technology, which was announced in Google I/O 2014. After that event, some top most companies like LG and Samsung has built Android Wear based smartwatch. However, did you ever think what would you do after buying a smartwatch? NO? Obviously, you will install