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Tasker – Powerful Tool for Android configuration


Tasker is a powerful tool to automate tasks that should take care of the Android smartphone for its users – similar to this,  some may have heard of the Android app “ Locale“. We have analyzed the new application “Tasker” and here are the results:   Features Prior to the first use of Taskerit is clear that

How To Improve Android’s Battery Life

juice defender android

Obviously in this era of Smartphones, most of the people do definitely own either an iOS or an Android piece in their pockets. Android phones like HTC One S and others are definitely powerful yet they fail in giving a long battery life. Many a reasons might be responsible for your phones battery life and

TeamViewer for Android

The main focus of the article is to discuss about TeamViewer for Android. The classic temviewer software can now be used to access your remote desktop from your android device. It is free for non-commercial use and you don’t even need to fuss around with your firewall rules, ports or IP address. TeamViewer is one

How To Run Android Apps On PC

bluestacks run android apps on PC

Mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows Phone have beautiful applications which are amazing yet simple and cannot run on our complex desktops. In fact the apps on mobile markets are increasing every day and for each and every purpose, we have a mobile app or its alternative for every mobile platform. But all these

8 Must Have Android Apps For Bloggers

Technology, Innovation and development are rapidly increasing in these days and techies have started combining all these three in carving them into a final app. The age of Hello World is gone and now every one is making their own apps and so can you. Coming to smartphones, iPhone and Android are obviously the two

10 Best Free Apps for Galaxy Note

best free apps for galaxy note

Samsung Galaxy Note is a device loved by many. Mainly because of the design. It packs the features of a tablet and functions of a mobile phone, with a perfect display. Check out the best free apps for Galaxy Note. Depending upon your needs almost every type of application is available for your Android device.