Best Fitness Apps for Android

Would you like to get in better shape? Well, nothing better than your Android phone! Though each one of us likes the idea of keeping our body in good shape, we are often too lazy to do something about our fitness. However, with a wide range of  fitness apps for Android, you can keep track

Android Skyfire Browser to View Flash Videos

skyfire plays flash contents

Skyfire browser one of the best browser in android smartphones ranked #2 by Appolicious and Techcrunch. With the increasing craze of android smartphones and keep decreasing in its price. Users expectations from Android OS are always on high and many of them loves to watch videos and movies on their smartphones as they were used to

EverDroid – Sync And Backup for Phones (FREE)

everdroid apps for all

We all undergo through a gargantuan task of transferring all contacts and data from our old phone to our new phone But it becomes even more difficult for us when the two phones are on different Platforms. To rescue from all these headache EVERDROID comes to your help. These app not even help you to backup

How to Delete Browsing History on Android Phone

So you are fond of browsing the web but don’t want anyone to go through the list of websites you’ve opened. Since browsing history contains a record of all websites you’ve visited over a period of time, you might want to clear that first. But how do you that? In this article I am going

Official Android App for Google+

Google+, a social networking site, still in it`s beta condition and one needs invitation to access, the new yet powerful creation by Google, can now be surfed on Android. As soon as the Google+ goes live, an Android App is launched in the Android Market so that the users can stay connected and try their

Change Fonts on Samsung Galaxy Android Phones

Samsung Galaxy Android Users! Bored with the same old font on your smartphones? Time to change. Who doesn’t like fancy things? Seriously, I can’t live with Times New Roman or Arial for ever. Every one needs a change after a while, right? So, break the monotonous style of your device and change fonts on Samsung

Access Internet on PC using Android Tether Apps


Tether Internet on Android Mobile Phones Did you know that you can tether Wi-Fi Internet on your Android mobile phone to use it on a PC or laptop? Well if you haven’t let me tell you that Android 2.2 Froyo has an inbuilt Internet Tether Software that enables you to serve your phone as a

Create Apps for Android using Google App Inventor – Download

App Inventor is a new tool in Google Labs that makes it easy for anyone—programmers and non-programmers, professionals and students—to create mobile applications for Android-powered devices. Its basically a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) tool for app development on the Android platform.