5 Best Strategy Games like Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans is the most popular and the top-earning strategy games of all times and I am pretty sure that you would have played it at least once. The game is addictive and it will keep you hooked up to your smartphone for a long time. However, if a game is popular, there will

Best Motion Sensor Games for Android

Who doesn’t like playing games on their Android device? Android devices act as one of the best and cheapest portable gaming devices that we can use. In addition to that, we have a very high number games and apps available on the Play Store where we can choose and download games that interest us. Personally,

Some Of The Most Appreciated Android Games in Nov 2014

Android is always full of pleasant surprises and that is the reason Google Play Store introduces quite a number of Android games in the store almost every week. Most of the high end games are the paid ones in the Google Play Store and it comes with some in – app purchases as well to

Popular Android Apps and Games

android apps and games

Android has ruled the popularity chart ever since its inception and for quite a few years now, it is touted as one of the biggest challenges even for the smartphone giant, Apple too. Android is filled with loads of games and apps and every month you will find a new addition to the already long list. The

4 Best Android FPS Games You Cannot Ignore

What is the best thing about the Android Phones? Open Source, everyone says it. But if you pay attention, nowadays there are hell lot of action games available for your Android Devices. And in this post we will discuss some of them. Below are few of the best Android action games you cannot ignore. Dead

Ingress: Google’s Augmented Reality Game Open for Beta Testers


Before exactly one week we had closely heard the  secret of the game developed by Google Niantic Project. Before the official release on 29 November the Augmented Reality application is already started yesterday  in the closed beta test. Vendor Introduction and Gameplay During a week ago it was not clear that what type of application it would be at Niantic Project, but it is now clear

Android Apps and Games for Children

Android Apps and Games for Children Lets discuss some of the Android Apps and Games for Children. There are several apps and games available at the Google Play store. The complete store is full with all kinds of apps and games. It’s over flowing it seems. All kind of apps and games are available. We

Most Addictive Android Games Of 2012

Who doesn’t gets addicted to the LSD like game world of android?  for the answer, EVERYONE. so, here is a list which gives you your addictive mario a run for his princess. these are the games which gamers played most and for the better part of their android hours was spent in downloading these games or saving their asses