Best Android Phones Less Than Rs.10000

Earlier Android phones were generally associated with high prices and though most people craved them, only a few could afford them. However with the launch of a wide variety of mid-range Android phones by major mobile manufacturers, now you can grab great Android phones with impressive features for less than 10k. Let’s discuss the best

How to Delete Browsing History on Android Phone

So you are fond of browsing the web but don’t want anyone to go through the list of websites you’ve opened. Since browsing history contains a record of all websites you’ve visited over a period of time, you might want to clear that first. But how do you that? In this article I am going

How to Disable Android Camera Shutter Sounds

A lot of Android users have recently been complaining about the camera of their mobiles making clicking sounds whenever they take a photo. Also when they hold the camera button, it makes around 3 clicking sounds when starting up (apart from the clicking sound while focusing the subject). Here are a few tips that might

Motorola unveils Motoactv and Droid RAZR

Motorola has just announced new music player Motoactv and Android powered smartphone Droid Razr in company’s Faster. Thinner. Smarter. Stronger. event held at New York city. Though a sequel to Xoom tablet was also expected. MOTOACTV Motoactv is a new music player and fitness device featuring 1.6” inch capacitive display and 600MHz processor inside. The

MeeGo Powered Nokia N9 will Run Android Applications Seamlessly

Android MeeGo

Here’s another NEWS for the most buzzed words this month- MeeGo and Nokia N9! When already a few people have limited MeeGo’s scope with Nokia’s N9, there are few others who are discovering opportunities with this new platform and its ecosystem. According to the latest reports a high-performance Android emulator named “Alien Dalvik” will be

4 Most Powerful Dual-Core Android Smartphones

Powerful Android

Recently I wrote a post on “Dual Core Processors” that are being used in the recently launched and upcoming Smartphones worldwide. In this post I would like to introduce the 4 most powerful android smartphones which are available in across the World. 2011 has been a year of dreams for Android enthusiasts.. A huge series